3D for Xbox 720 will get Sony’s attention

By Gary Johnson - Feb 17, 2012

The speculation of new gaming hardware continues to emerge with various rumors surfacing on an almost daily fashion. The majority of them could easily prove to be false but some are likely to be accurate, as with the amount of people possibly involved in any new product, leaks are bound to happen. Yesterday we heard that the next Xbox console may have the codename Durango, but now there are hints that there may be 3D for the Xbox 720, which would certainly get Sony’s attention.

Gaming is seen as one of the big pulls for 3D technology as the take up of 3D HDTVs hasn’t been that great so far. A recent job listing on Microsoft’s website hints that the company is looking to have more 3D technology in the next Xbox.

As SlashGear are reporting the job ad is for an Algorithm Research & Development Engineer for the Xbox team and is based in Israel. The job description mentions that the position will include “responsibilities include algorithm design and implementation into state of the art 3D imaging systems”.

With the current generation Microsoft has seemingly not had much interest in supporting 3D in the Xbox 360, even though the console is capable of pushing out a 3D signal to supported HDTVs. Meanwhile Sony makes a big thing about the 3D support of the PlayStation 3. There were rumors recently that the next Xbox will have a tablet based controller that would further add to the new consoles features.

Having 3D capability would certainly be a bonus for many gamers but it is not the most important feature in some gamer’s eyes. One feature often mentioned is backwards capability that is high on gamer’s wish lists, which was temporally enjoyed by early versions of the PS3. Rumors recently suggested that the next console wouldn’t support preowned games unsurprisingly haven’t gone down to well with gamers.

Both Sony and Microsoft will be looking to launch consoles to last at least as long as the current generation, as consumers wouldn’t want to keep having to lay out big sums of cash on new hardware. Is 3D gaming important to you?

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  • yes, fully immersive gaming REQUIRES 3D. but it better be able to support (*and require games to provide) 1080P at 60 fps so when 3D is enabled the image is clear and bright (look at Super Stardust HD on the PS3 for an example). not muddy and low-def like Black Ops was. including a virtual 3d would be best – imagine not even needing to use your tv – a unit fits over your head, includes headphones and mic with LCD glasses that let you look up, down, and all around the virtual game world – in 3d. this would make it seem as if you were playing on a huge tv.

  • moorbre

    You would have to an idiot to think there wouldn’t be 3d on the next xbox :S

  • Its got my attention !! Should be really sweet

  • couldnt care less about 3d vision shit..i really dont like it, I want to have augmented reallity to happen! Now that would be something!

  • Arch

    it makes sense / can not comment how it is on Xbox but on ps3 it is awesome. But the image size really matters… recomend 3d projector.
    playing GT5 in 3d on 120in screen and can’t praise it enough. Thats a real immersive gaming!!!!