Xbox 720 should use next-gen style name

By Alan Ng - Feb 16, 2012

We have had a few names thrown around in relation to Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox successor and now we have another name to throw into the hat. This week there are wide reports that the console dubbed ‘720’ will be codenamed ‘Durango’ by Microsoft.

To bring you up to speed on what Microsoft may be calling their next console, we first told you back in November last year that the console was thought be named ‘Loop’ internally. In the very same week, an additional report surfaced contradicting the ‘Loop’ name and replacing that with the not so catchy ‘Ten’ codename. That was then.

A few months later and we now have a new name to share with you. Kotaku, a respected gaming website are reporting that Microsoft are calling their next Xbox ‘Durango’ behind closed doors and there may even be a potential pattern associated with the name as well. You may remember the infamous Project Natal name that Microsoft first introduced Kinect as, but as Kotaku points out both the Natal and Durango names have South American origins.

We like Durango as well. Obviously it is highly unlikely that Microsoft will choose this as the final name for the next Xbox 720, but anything better than Microsoft ‘Ten’ would be a start. Loop had a fairly catchy name as well, but we like the Durango tag just a little more on this occasion. Sony has shown with their Vita naming for the next PSP that they too don’t mind going with something out of the ordinary for next generation products. Will Microsoft surprise us all once again with a unusual final name for the next Xbox?

The obvious front runner is the Xbox ‘720’ of course but we have a feeling that Microsoft won’t be choosing that for their next console as that would just be going with the public motion and it’s always good to surprise everyone. If you have been keeping an eye on the possible name rumors for the next Xbox console, have you already thought about a few good names?

These will probably sound a bit stupid to you, but how about the Microsoft Ghost, or the Microsoft Phantom? Or you could go with the ‘next generation’ route and opt for the Microsoft Evolution or Microsoft Revolution? We’re sure you can come up with a few better names so give us your best ideas below.

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  • if it supports HD VR 3D, i’ll call it anything it wants me to call it…

  • Mr_bodywave

    NextBox, sounds very close to xbox, but is the “next xbox”–a portmandu.

    • NgTurbo

      Microsoft NextBox … I like it 🙂

  • Pikeing-74

    Microsoft Evolution

  • Jay

    Idc much about product names or code names, but Xbox 720 is just too predictable and corny.

  • Bacon1988xx

    how about the microsoft “BREAK”, cause thats all the 360 seems to do 6 months after buyin it.

    • Jay

      zzzzzz…Had my 360 kinect bundle since its first day of release. Still runs like it just got out the box. Guess it just depends on how the owner takes care of it.

    • Mr_bodywave

      This is so bogus.  I have both an xbox and PS3 from within 6 months of release.  The xbox is still going and never had a problem.  PS3 got fixed TWICE under warranty and once outside of it.  Now it is broke again and I am just putting it in the trash.