Surprise anger over ASUS Transformer Ice Cream Sandwich update

By Alan Ng - Feb 16, 2012

With the ASUS Transformer Prime now the flagship device for ASUS, many consumers with the original Transformer prime device may be feeling left out of the party and wondering if ASUS still has some love saved for you this year.

The good news, is that ASUS hasn’t forgotten about Transformer owners. The Taiwanese manufacturer has just used their official Facebook page to inform the world that Transformer owners will definitely be getting an update to the latest version of Google Android, and that the update will be taking place within the next few months.

Speaking on the ASUS Singapore page, the company revealed that Ice Cream Sandwich will be available for the Transformer before the end of February or during the weeks of March. Here’s the statement from the company in full, as noted by Android Police.

‘We are informed that the ICS upgrade for TF101 will be ready within the Feb/March 2012 period. You will be able to receive the upgrade notification via FOTA once we have a confirmation date.”

While this is good news on a whole, we’ve noticed that there is considerable outrage from Transformer owners in Singapore who are angry that they have had to wait this long for the update. One user even asks for the source code so that he can get the update out quicker himself with the help of the XDA Developer Forums. In our opinion though, the Transformer is no longer the primary focus of ASUS so users should still be satisfied that they are getting an update at all.

Don’t forget that there may be upgraded versions of the Transformer Prime on the way soon too. We told you that new model names were discovered, with some rumors hinting of an upgraded front-facing camera and a better screen resolution for one of the new models. We’re yet to see official evidence from ASUS, but if there are new Prime models on the way, then it would surely place the original Transformer further down the pecking order.

Take a look at the anger over at the Singapore Facebook page here and let us know your thoughts on it. We only have a few more weeks for the update to appear now it seems, so is all the criticism at ASUS justified or not in your opinion?

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  • Marsminute

    I think the disappointment is that users feel that they had finally found a manufacturer that wasn’t like all the rest, and it’s looking more and more that Asus is just like the others after all.

  • Anonymous

    > In our opinion though, the Transformer is no longer the primary focus of ASUSThat’s satisfying. A year hasn’t passed since ASUS released a $500 device, and now it’s not in a primary focus.
    I’ll take ASUS outstanding product support into account it when I’ll choose my next tablet.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t take that as a negative, it’s really a positive.  Thats really should read: “even though this is the last generation product, and ASUS is already working on the next generation product, they still want to make original Transformer owners happy and will be soon releasing a ICS update.”

      I mean, they ARE releasing it.  So you can’t hold that against them.

  • Nicks81

    Definitely a first-world problem. I’d also put money on these owners being underwhelmed by ICS, if they’re already running Honeycomb it’s not a whole lot different.

    • Bob11

      The problem isn’t as much the OS itself, it’s that Honeycomb hasn’t gotten a lot of support from developers. While there are some apps well-designed for the tablet, a lot of developers are likely focusing on targeting ICS rather than what was deemed a ‘stepping stone’ release. There are also numerous apps in Android Market that are still Gingerbread-only, and it’s likely that when they are updated they’ll leap directly to ICS.