Mystery PS3 4.11 update isn’t optional at all

By Alan Ng - Feb 16, 2012

We have only just had a new update to the PlayStation 3 console which improves functionality of the web browser, but now we have confirmation that Sony has just gone live with another firmware update, bringing the console to version 4.11.

However, not for the first time, Sony are remaining silent on what the update actually addresses and as you can imagine there is various debate going on as to what the update fixes, and if there’s any sort of hidden features that Sony didn’t want to make public.

After doing a little digging, there is one possible explanation for this update. A user over at NeoGaf forums is claiming that the update fixes a PSN installation error when the console wouldn’t delete downloaded files after auto-installing. We’re yet to confirm this, but we have seen reports of this being accurate so perhaps this is the case.

Sony are calling this an optional update but we’ve also seen that users are still required to update to this firmware before being allowed to access the PlayStation network. We’ve tested this ourselves and we can confirm that it isn’t optional at all. It looks like for some reason, this is a mandatory update for everyone outside of the US or Canada, and you won’t be able to play online unless you’ve installed it.

Is it a coincidence that a new firmware update appears the day after Sony accidentally put a free Michael Jackson: The Experience game up for the PS Vita? Probably, since the demo which caused the glitch can no longer be found on the PS Store. We bet there’s a few of you who are holding off on this update purely out of fear that you may lose your free game!

At the moment, users over at the US Blog aren’t particularly happy with the update, not just because of the fact that it appears to do nothing, but the fact that Sony hasn’t been 100% clear on if the update is mandatory or optional. Hopefully we’ll be able to get to the bottom of this and provide some further answers to this before the end of the week.

Have you already installed the PS3 firmware update 4.11? Was it a mandatory or optional update for you? If you have spotted any new features or removed functionality that you think we should know about, leave us a comment below.

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  • Clivehines

    You all thought games on internet was great…now you are being controlled by Sony..using YOUR hardware to force you to put games shops out of business and buy from them…spend bread for non existent threads and  crap on home..go to their associates to buy films…music…with future plans including non acceptance of preowned stuff.   Since os 4.10…4.11 and 4.20 my family’s ps3s have lagged..crawled..refused to play games they played before…refused to go on Home…they are via the new os updates..sneaking in stuff to take you out of disc use to buying only via store…furtive?   Think PEARL HARBOUR!   We will NEVER buy PS stuff again…XBOX 360 IS going on normal internet…with update end of 720 here I come.   I am installing hdds of 1T on PS 3s..we shall come off PS online…buy shitloads of preowned PS3..and 1 games…download from pc..add all family pix…and use PS3s as entertainment storage and entertainment units…and SCREW SONY for good.   PS3 engineering and concept GREAT-corporate GREED-CRAP!

  • Markitos42907

    Everytime I play a blu ray on my ps3 is says that I need to update my blu ray but my ps3 already has the Latest update 4.11,can someone help me to solve this problem

  • froglover06

    its been on for like ten minutes now doing NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA PLAY MAX PAYNE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • froglover06

    just freezes at “Please Wait…” for me! if i go back it stays on “Cancelling…” i hate this update!!!!!!

  • Iang

    I am in Aust. I have tried to upload 4.11 several times. It always crashs at around 71%. I have tried on line vis PS3 and upload from PC via memory stick to PS3. I have several games that will not work now until I load 4.11 including GT5. The PS3 still pays Blue Ray and DVD without any issues. The error message is 8002F997 which apparently means the data is corrupt. Very frustrating.

  • Trigs

    i just updated my system to 4.11 4/29/12 2:00 PM and then suddenly everything hangs and lags. it takes time to launch a game like mw3. it takes time to complete saving a game in nba2k11, it stop’s in 66% while saving and it takes a minute to reach 100%. takes time to load the ps home page. takes time to quit a game using the ps button. and lastly takes time to turn off the system. it beeps first everytime i turn it off. it takes too long. is that normal. i think there’s something wrong with the update. not happy. help!!!

    • Jassim

      After googling for 2 weeks, it seems alot of users been suffering from this issue…. Mine still freezing I’ve tried everything to solve it, did the rebuilding data base, restoring the default settings, downloaded the update again installed it in safe mode by USB. nothing seems to be solved it. still having the freezing issue. even I contacted Sony they claims that there is nothing wrong with the update, asking me to drop it in Sony’s store for fixing it. and I’m sure they will charge me nothing less than $150 … Jassim from Kuwait

  • RiddlesAtU

    U.S. Mine was optional. In fact i didnt even know about it until 2 days ago.. iv been playing games, watching tv, talking to friends, ect.. without any issue. Perhaps its only mandatory on certain types of systems? Im running the slim 250gb model.

    • An0n0musx

      i too didn’t need to update to play games online, access psn store, talk to friends… but as soon as i put starhawk in the tray it made me update to 4.11

  • Russiansokol

    Optional for me. PS3 US, Account US, but just a month ago moved to Russia… at 4.10 firmware i have one problem 2 days now i cant buy PS3 games from the PS Store. tried 2 US Credit Cards and i get an error.. i hope this will fix that problem.. will wright back if it did!

  • Austin Garrison

    Just got it now. US. Not mandatory at all…

  • Barbara_anne_card

    is there any answers to all these questions?

  • 4Life

    soon after i installed 4.11 BF3 freezes on a couple of maps every time now…maps NEVER froze before this update! i want it out of my precious PS3..Somebody help get me my old version back!!!

    • PS3

      my ps3 keeps freezing as it loads games ever since this update and it allows me to play one game online on call of duty before kicking me off its a real pain and i hope they get is sorted soon

  • Tressy

    Mandatory for me (Norway). And it made it so I saw error code 80010514 (don´t recognize game) on two new games for the first time since I bought this PS3 5 years ago. However the error code comes up only after there is an game-save. (they worked first time I put them in) They are bought EA games. I think there is a code in there to prevent copied games to work, but it stops everybody the code cannot recognize. I have done an hard reset, and my PS3 HD is completely empty now. The next thing I will try is to completely format it, make a new account with a new e-mail, and see if that works.

    It might be Anonymous who has done this also.. They said they would attack Sony again… It did say “Your HDD firmware is corrupted” when I did a hard reset..

  • CodyRichards

    Update fixed all dns errors i was getting for me

  • C Gomez103

    On my girlfriends PS3 slim, it didn’t prompt her to update her system, however she wasn’t able to sign on PSN and go online until she updated it. On my fat PS3, I was able to log on PSN and play online games all day without updating. Just updated it now for the hell of it.

  • Much_love_7

    im from hawaii and the update to 4.11 was optional for me but during the update and after everytime i jump into a game for mw3 online i play for like a minute then it lags out and i lose connection for every single game that i jump into and i dont know what to do PLEASE help if you guys have any info on this.

  • Joeybarklow

    I didn’t even know that there was an update. My 80 gb fat PS3 suffered the YLOD about 5 days ago. Previously I was playing a lot of Skyrim, so no online play, but Netflix worked fine. I re-flowed the motherboard yesterday. I had to accept new terms and agreements to sign in to PSN and randomly found the update an hour ago. It seems it has been different for everyone.

  • I’m in the US but had a Japanese PSN account. Not sure if that’s related to my issue, but the 4.11 update has essentially bricked my original release PS3. 🙁

  • KKV

    I live in the US. Still have yet to download that update, and im playing online games just fine. This update is only mandatory for certain services.

  • Mark

    My streaming from YAMJ and IIS has stopped working, it’s to stop you streaming using their browser!!!! Grrr.

  • Theblackduck421

    Didnt have to update but then i coudnt play online.

  • Forster David2

    I got my old 40gig ps3 out of the cupboard and had a little play around with it, it has a broken lazor on it and it said i had to download 4.00. It just looped over and over again at the installation part. I then used the safe modes to get back on the browser, but i could not sign in. However once this ‘4.11’ came out it worked, the installation was fine and can now sign in, maybe people who have bluray lenses that arent quite 100% sony did something to make u think your ps was fucked so you would send it in and they could make some cash as they have prob spent most of it on the vita launch, its definitly got something to do with the bluray this 4.11

    • leon

      I had a new bluray lens installed on my PS3 it was working fine on version 4.10, but as soon as i updated to 4.11 the lens burned out again (the lens worked for only 5 days, 2 days on 4.10 and 3 on 4.11)! so i think u r probably rite.But  the repair guy who changed the lens said it had something to do with the bluray discs that i own. but i can’t really see anything wrong with them (no nasty scratches or anything). when i told him that he said that the discs that are most used, the laser passes rite through them and so it strains the lens which is wat causes it to burn. i am not really very tech savvy, but i really do think its the software update which is the problem. but anyways please recommend whether i should get a new lens for my existing console or consider buying a new 1 instead!

  • Leviathian19

    downloading 4.11… 

  • Kawaii1998

    When i downloaded version 4.0/4.10/4.11, CoD MW3 wouldn’t work anymore. How do i remove these version updates if i can remove the versions???

  • sgh

    US: Mandatory..  Logging in to Netflix forced me to update..

  • UK mandatory,installation stopped at 99% and won’t let me continue, after several attempts to restart.  Won’t let me access the safe mod menu either, so who’s paying for the service Sony?

  • Juice

    Its not mandatory the only reason you cant sign into PSN is because they updated their terms and conditions.

  • rororuz

    Mandatory in Chile to use PSN, Battlefield 3.

  • MissKreeps

    ahhhhhhh so is that why the installation bubbles didnt dissapear despite installing the dled games i had to delete the bubbles manually and double check they all installed right
    and yea it was mandatory for me too 

  • I tried signing in after a few weeks without internet and it was a mandatory install. I couldn’t sign in. US 160GB PS3

  • Wiggy68

    I’m in the UK, it has slowed my machine and froze after playing MW3′ and now requesting a database rebuild – not impressed!

  • Rockstar_leader58

    Playstation Plus downloaded and installed it for me and have not seen anything different

  • Davejsmith6

    In the uk.ignored update but battlefield 3 wouldn’t load until I actually installed it

  • AlmondTheGreat

    Well I guess it is just minor fixes. I couldn’t download themes on my ps3 after 4.10. But all seems to be working well now. Thanks Sony 🙂 


  • Bunni

    Manadatory update in the UK and yet not for the cheating yanks and maple leaf user’s so the jailbreakers running cheats will continue what a way to go ruining £40+ games for the rest of us Sony

  • I’m in the UK, just installed what was a Mandatory update. I guess Sony will put on the blog later that it “increases stability in some titles” like they always say.

    • Swanie

      Stops downloading at 94% gives an error code

  • pknix44

    just signed in Aus update was mandatory when I tried to go on psn. install and reboot fine now playing wipeout all good.

  • xXMercy_BulletXx

    mandatory.. i cant sign in to ps network “yet” i keep getting error message during the update. used to download it from the site with laptop then get it with USB stick but wow this one not avaiable on the site yet???

  • Rinchan

    4.11 just installed. Mandatory update in Japan (not installing this update results in anything that requires PSN sign in, not to work). 

  • i bet theres loads holding off, frightned there cheats wont work

  • guest from nowhere

    I’m updating now.. Hopefully this update removes that annoying epilepsy warning… I don’t have modded console, so I have nothing to fear. What you guys are afraid of? Losing one game..? Or losing jailbreak..?

  • Bigmike 0426


  • Liepoo

    im still on 4.10 yay =)

    • Math33333

      Nothin to be happy about. The damn thing is full of bugs

  • Liepoo

     sucker its not in australia yay =)

  • Matthewjames

    It’s mandatory for me (South Africa).. :/ Busy downloading it now.  Bloody ballache if you ask me!

  • Elias

    i cant update it says error plzzzz helppp

  • JakeyFlower

    it was mandatory for me lol =(

  • Danny

    Mandatory could go to the ps store without it…

  • Liepoo

    it was a optional update for me lol =)