Lack of FPS games for PS Vita is disappointing

By Alan Ng - Feb 16, 2012

Sony has impressed us with their lineup of launch titles for the PS Vita in terms of their own first-party titles and a healthy collection of games from third-party developers. However, we can’t hide our disappointment in seeing that we won’t be able to test out a first-person shooter title on the new Vita hardware.

We’re not sure of the reason why either. First person shooters are arguably the bread and butter of the gaming industry these days, with juggernaut franchises such as Call of Duty and Battlefield racking up the most online hours for console gamers.

It remains early days as to how well the Vita will fair in the sales department when the system launches on February 22nd, but you can’t deny that a first person shooter game at launch would have boosted Sony’s chances of performing well in the first week. Unfortunately though, that won’t be the case as there are no FPS titles to be seen from Sony’s initial launch lineup.

The first game that will step up to the FPS dinner table is likely to be Resistance: Burning Skies, but as we have learned this week, Vita owners will have to wait some three months until the game finally launches in May. Resistance on Vita is a game which you would have guessed would turn out to be a launch title for Sony, but did something go wrong with the developers at Nihilistic, which caused an internal delay to the game?

Unit 13 probably deserves a mention too. Those of you with a Vita already may have noticed that there’s a teaser trailer for Unit 13 already on the US Vita store, and although it will release next month – it’s a third-person shooter from Zipper Interactive, not a first-person shooter like their previous effort, M.A.G. On the horizon though, there’s a few mouth-watering FPS titles which Vita owners can look forward to.

These include DUST 514, a PS Vita version of the upcoming PS3 exclusive which will also feature some sort of cross-platform play between the two systems. Then of course there’s the little matter of a Call of Duty game appearing on the Vita as well which everyone is looking forward to seeing. Details on both games remain very scarce though, so we’re left with Resistance: Burning Skies in the meantime.

It would have been nice to test out an FPS game and see how that second analogue stick fairs for the first time on a portable handheld, but we have a long time to wait until we see that officially. If you have already pre-ordered a Vita, let us know your thoughts on the lack of FPS games for the system at launch. Would you have picked up an FPS title in an instant, or are you happy with what is available right now?

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  • No FPS means no Vita

    I would have purchased it launch day (today) if it just had one FPS title available. Just one – any.

  • Oxradler

    We all have the games we like to play and as gamers we should respect each other for this.   What concerns me about Sony is that they have an overvalued idea about what old PSP titles are worth.  Sony thoght itself very clever developing  proprietary media in the form of the UMD.   Now however their core market, loyal customers who have already purchased a PSP,   the ones most likely to want to upgrade to a Vita are finding their games library worthless. 

    Old Sony PSP titles are overpriced on SEN and there is no program to enable people who have already purchased a game on UMD to transfer that game to Vita.  They have to pay $40 AUD or more to buy the game to play on Vita that they have already purchased on UMD.   People are looking around and seeing a plethora of cheap UMD games and a cheap PSP sale price and have decided the extra analogue stick is not worth $348 or $418 AUD for the 3g version, plus the extra cost of memory and then games on top of that.  No wonder the old PSP is outselling the Vita in Japan.

    Sony has successfully alienated loyal and new customers in one simple stroke.   How the mighty have fallen.   They lost billions last year and the Vita won’t change that.  I wonder if the soon to be released PS4 will be overpriced and lock out all those PS3 games too.  Knowing Sony, they will make the same mistake over and over and over.

  • NoRottenApples

    PLEASE don’t “spoil” the VITA with COD GARBAGE!!!  P.L.E.A.S.E!!!!

    • Yezittt

      this guy is weird

  • Oxradler

    Price gouging customers with super premium price on console, massively overpriced memory and overpriced games (F1 2011 will cost me $68 AUD on Vita but I bought the game for $44 AUD last year for PC) means even COD won’t save Vita.

    The overpriced Vita concept will be a niche market for hard core gamers.  Normal people will have a giggle every time they see someone playing a PS Vita.  Playing a PS Vita in public will mark that person out a someone who has been done over by Sony. 

  • Curtismccrea

    Dust 514 will NOT come to Vita, according to an e-mail I got from someone at the developing company.

  • the Vita just came out man chill!

    i don’t get people who are always disappointed not to see games on a system that was recently launch.
    Publishers don’t release good games every month man, no devs making games every month:/

  • ocelot07

    FPS are not bread and butter off games (well not for me anyhow). I am very happy with the launch line up. Don’t for get the second stick comes into play with Uncharted to move the camera around witch has not been done on a hand held before.

    The launch line up of games will tied me over until Resistance anyhow. What I am really hoping for is for games like Resident Evil, Elder Scroll’s, Fallout, Dark/Demon’s Souls to come out for the Vita.

  • Kalikane00

    COD on Vita will have the systems out of stock at retailers.