Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3 specs shows compromises

By Jamie Pert - Feb 16, 2012

Intel’s second-generation Intel Core processors are impressive in regards to performance and power consumption, however there’s always room for improvement. Today we have found out a little in regards to Intel’s new third-generation (Ivy Bridge platform) and the Core i3 processors which utilize this new architecture.

The i3 chips have always been the lowest-end Intel Core offerings, therefore we aren’t surprised to hear that Intel has decided to make a few compromises in regards to features, thanks to a recent CPU-World article we have all the specifics to divulge to our readers.

There are three Ivy Bridge Core i3 processors which we can tell you about today, these are the Core i3-3240, the Core i3-3225 and the Core i3-3220, these have clock speeds of 3.40, 3.30 and 3.30GHz respectively. They all boast a 3MB Cache, two cores, four threads, support for 1600MHz and 1333MHz DDR3 RAM and TDP ratings of 55W. Also the i3-3240 and i3-3220 utilize Intel HD Graphics 2500, whilst the Core i3-3225 gives you Intel HD Graphics 4000.

As you can see things look promising, however there are some corners which have been cut, these include no support for Turbo Boost or PCIe generation 3.0. In regards to advanced Intel Technologies we can also reveal that there’s no Intel Vpro technology, Intel VT-d, Intel TXT or AES-NI.

If you check out this image on Softpedia you can see a full breakdown of Intel’s Ivy Bridge specifics – we think the lack of support for PCIe 3.0 may put a lot of people off, but let’s face it if you’re buying components for a gaming PC you probably wouldn’t have opted for a i3 chip anyway. If you want a graphics card which offers PCIe compatibility you’ll have to go for a Core i5 or Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor.

Has anything here put you off the upcoming Core i3 processors?

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  • Tom Ace

    I just want a pc which can play my MKVs, MPEGs AVIs etc. and youtube vids fluidly.
    And I don’t want to have to buy a much more expensive i7 or i5.

    If this Core i3 with its Intel HD4000 can do this for me I’m happy.

    So yes I think the i3-3225 can definately be a welcome and useful addition to the IvyBridge family.

  • Gulerumc

    The HD4000 is as good as a Geforce 7600GT many years ago. I would suggest that to buy a ITX size mainboard to fit the new i3-3225 in a compact case. It is your new PS3 running Windows and it can run most online game like SD Gundam Online!