PS Vita price may choke demand as some retailers pass

By Gary Johnson - Feb 15, 2012

We have recently given you some news that the Wi-Fi only version of the PS Vita has been reduced in price ahead of the console releasing in a few days time. Previously it was reported that some resellers in Japan had dropped prices for the 3G version of the device following a slow take up of the device. Now it seems that the PS Vita price may choke demand as some retailers pass on stocking the console.

It is being reported in an article over at the Sixthaxis that it looks like three major retailers over in Australia won’t be stocking the PS Vita at launch. It is being claimed that the likes of Big W, Target, and Kmart will not be offering the device when it first becomes available, and maybe even longer than that,

Some are wondering if Sony are avoiding providing the device for big box stores, but that would be a strange decision by the company unless they want more stock available before launching in bigger stores.

But some are wondering if the refusal to stock the device may be down to the retailers not liking the high price for the unit. The Wi-Fi only version in the country is currently $348 AU, but specialist stores such as GAME and EB Games will be stocking it.

Meanwhile Gaming Bolt is reporting that a Neogaf member rang the stores to find out why the PS Vita wasn’t being stocked, and the high price was confirmed as the reason. Some of our readers have said they really want to get the PS Vita but will hold off until the price comes down and more games are released.

They may be hoping for something similar to what was seen with the Nintendo 3DS, which after a slow start received a price cut, and coupled with better titles being released saw sales take off.

Will you be getting the PS Vita at launch?

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  • Oxradler

    I am from Australia and would like to buy a  PS Vita but you only have to do the maths.
    PS Vita,  non-3g  $348
    16Gb memory card  $68
    F1 2011 game    $68
    Golden Abyss game   $68

    That’s $552 for only 2 games and does not include a case or protective screen.  $622 for the same package with the 3g version.

    Sony only sold  13000 of these last week in Japan and offering a 10% discount on games from the SEN definitely is not going to turn these figures around.

    Sony seem to be under the illusion that everything they touch turns to gold.  I think most people will do the maths, pull out their smart phones and keep happily playing fun games the got for free or paid less than $5.  PS Vita will only be taken up by hard cord gamers willing to pay the premium the extra Vita offers.  I don’t think this group is big enough to give the PS Vita the momentum it needs to be seen as a must have.  If Sony don’t change their marketing strategy quickly it will take the same path as the PSP GO.