Mystery surrounds Galaxy Nexus 32GB release

By Gary Johnson - Feb 15, 2012

Some mobile consumers when choosing a new smartphone like to have the biggest storage capacity available. Our smartphones are used for many things these days’s besides just making calls so to have the extra memory can be important, and today mystery surrounds the Galaxy Nexus 32GB release.

If you are one of many who were hoping to get hold of the 32GB version of the Galaxy Nexus we may gave some bad news for you. When Samsung first announced the GSM version of the handset it was revealed there will be both 16GB and 32GB versions available. But as the Android Community is reporting online retailer Expansys USA are claiming that Samsung has canceled the device.

There could be a chance the device has simply been delayed but things are not looking too promising. With many handsets this wouldn’t be a problem but with the Galaxy Nexus memory is not expandable as there is no microSD input. The Verizon Wireless version of the smartphone does come with 32GB of storage, but the GSM version and the rest of the world only get the 16GB model currently.

An official comment from Expansys stated that they had been notified that Samsung “had dropped the 32GB Galaxy Nexus from production”. Some won’t be worried about getting the bigger version of the Galaxy Version, but others may have been waiting for the bigger version to release. The device has even now disappeared from the retailers website altogether.

There is a chance that Samsung may be saving stock of the 32GB Galaxy Nexus for the various carriers to offer to their customers before releasing unlocked versions to consumers. Online UK retailer Clove is showing the device with the first batch of stock arriving at the end of this month, while Amazon in the UK and US doesn’t list the 32GB version.

Were you hoping to get the 32GB version of the Galaxy Nexus?

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  • Seems Samsung has nothing but contempt for the UK market. The least they could do now is bring forward the release of the Galaxy S3.

  • Eduardo Cuenca Jr.

    I have a Galaxy Nexus from Big Red & I will Never buy any Samsung phone much less any thing from them they release a phone with no real car docks! Just Holders Just what we DONT NEED! Get Real Great Phone But it will be my last

  • Anonymous

    My galaxy nexus on verizon is beautiful.