Searching for best PS Vita price – PR’s contenders

By Alan Ng - Feb 13, 2012

The PS Vita has already been out in Japan and other parts of Asia for three months, but now there’s the little matter of Sony’s latest handheld PlayStation launching in the US and Europe. Naturally, eager gamers are on the hunt for the best deals, and we now have a collection of offers that may suit your interest.

For starters, we’re pleased to say that there are a wide variety of offers already in place from retailers who are desperate to secure your pre-order and are willing to part with some extra goodies on top of your WiFi or 3G model.


We thought we would start with GAME, as it’s worth pointing out that the UK-based retailer has now changed their stance on initial Vita bundles, obviously due to the fierce competition they are facing with other retailers such as Amazon. After originally offering a 4GB memory card with their Vita bundles, GAME has now taken the decision to upgrade all offers with an 8GB memory card instead. You can head to their page here and view deals such as a WiFi Vita, an 8GB memory card and a copy of FIFA Football for £270.


We’d say that Amazon are the primary reason why GAME has upgraded their deals, as we have a feeling many of you have already cancelled your GAME pre-orders in favor of Amazon’s offers instead. Amazon have put a great deal on the table, in which they’ll be offering a free 8GB memory card, as well as a selected game for £15 when you pre-order either a WiFi or 3G console. One example of this is a 3G Vita, an 8GB memory card and Rayman Origins for £280, which is a very good deal you’ll agree.


As we’ve seen with big name software launches such as as FIFA 12 and Modern Warfare 3, independent game retailers are getting battered by supermarkets who offer the best deals which consumers cannot turn down. You’ll be pleased to hear that Morrisons will be getting in on the Vita bundles as well, as they’ll be offering their own unique bundle for £250. For this you’ll get a WiFi Vita console, an official accessory pack, a copy of FIFA Football, a 4GB memory card and wait for it, £25 of in-store Morrisons credit. That means that if you want to, you can just use that £25 towards another PS Vita, so you can effectively pick up a second Vita game for free, making this a very good deal as well.


Play are one of our favorite retailers when it comes to pick up games and for good reason. They always seem to be right up there when it comes to offering value for money, and their Vita bundle definitely rivals Amazon for the best one. For £232 with free delivery, you’ll be able to pick up a WiFi Vita, a copy of Rayman Origins or Virtua Tennis 4, an 8GB memory card and the pre-order pack which includes items such as a pair of blue Vita headphones and a £5 PSN discount for a selected Vita title.

Those are just a few of the Vita bundles we have spotted over in the UK. For those of you that are interested in picking up a Vita from GameStation, you’ll be pleased to hear that their deals fall in line with those listed at GAME. You can check out GameStation’s Vita page here and see the related products at the bottom for evidence of this. If you have spotted any better deals, both in the UK or US be sure to add yours below.

Where are you buying your Vita? Less than 10 days to go folks!

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  • Andrewstevenson2007

    Hi well amazon have just dropped the wifi 3G version game and memory card to £274 go amazon

  • Ben.

    Hello there – following my earlier post, I’ve only gone and cancelled my pre-order again.

    Play has firmly raised the bar (for my money anyway), and is currently offering the WiFi Console, 8gb card, Pre-Order bonus pack along with Uncharted Golden Abyss for a non too shabby £242.99 delivered.

    I reckon that beats the next best deal I’ve seen (Game / Gamestation) by £27.

    Original plan was to do the Rayman deal and just buy Uncharted out of the savings.

    I’ll save my coins for Gravity Rush (Daze) now.

  • Thanks for this *

  • Stubblehead

    Thanks for the article with comparisons but you are wrong about Gamestation. They are owned by GAME and run exactly the same deals. All the bundles on their site are the same as GAME’s and have been for weeks. Anyway, it’s good to see such variation and competition in the market to try and get your money. I guess the consumer is the winner in the end.

    • Anonymous

       You’re right about the GameStation deals, sorry about that. Updated the article now to be more accurate. Yeah, some great deals to be had, just a shame they are/were not available for importers.

      • Stubblehead

        That’s the reason I don’t import. We also get the AR cards that those who imported won’t get either. It’s been a painful wait but it is going to be worth it. I was happy to see Gamestation had updated the memory card to 8gb as that is who I have preordered with. It may change again in the next week as well depending on what the other companies do.

  • Pbeeston91

    Gamestation are offering the same as Game,

    • Anonymous

       Oh really? I didn’t see anything on their website. Maybe their Vita bundles are in-store only then..thanks for that.

  • I’m getting a memory card (4GB to be exact) first. Hey, I gotta to know my Vita better, don’t I?

  • Spader

    Well after waiting and searching for the best Vita deal, I went with a 3DS. The Vita is just too expensive for me. I can’t pay that much for a handheld with only 1 game. I bought a 3DS and 5 games for the price of a Vita, a memory card and 1 game. 

    I will still get a Vita, but not until the price drops drastically. The 3DS + 5 games > Vita with 1 game. 

    Zelda, Mario, and Resident Evil were just more tempting than anything Vita had for me, and the price sealed the deal.

    • rang

      apples and oranges