Revolutionizing next Call of Duty game in 2012

By Alan Ng - Feb 13, 2012

The next Call of Duty game is going to have to shake things up significantly if Activision are going to get all the ‘haters’ on board. A good way to start, is by quietly revealing that the next Call of Duty game due this year is going to innovate and revolutionize the way gamers play Call of Duty.

Activision has just finished with their latest investor’s call and not for the first time, some rather interesting information has come out of it, other than the typically ‘boring’ financial statistics that most you are probably not interested in hearing.

This time however, Activision Publishing chief Eric Hirshberg has given all current and past Call of Duty players reason for optimism by stating that the game will bring ‘meaningful innovation’ to the franchise. Many current COD players who have become disillusioned with the state of the franchise will agree that yes, the game does need a slice of ‘innovation’, so what could we be possibly be seeing in the next game that we haven’t already seen?

You may not want to get your hopes up though on that passage of text, as since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, we haven’t really seen much in the way of innovation. One potential reasoning behind this though, could be aimed at the ‘action adventure’ title that Sledgehammer Games are thought to be developing. Cast your mind back to March of 2010, when Activision’s COO Thomas Tippi was quoted as saying this about the Sledgehammer developed Call of Duty game:

”We haven’t yet announced the content of their game, but it’s going to be an innovative take that will further broaden the audience for Call of Duty.”

Could we link the two pieces of information together and assume that this is all related to the same game? At the time of that ‘innovative’ quote last year, many of you were going crazy on the prospect of space warfare featuring in some capacity in a Call of Duty game, while we also saw a lot of requests for a Call of Duty futuristic warfare game as well.

It’s clear that Activision need to do something though, as many fans are not too impressed after seeing what Modern Warfare 3 had to offer. Whatever game comes out though, it’s obviously going to be a big success since Activision and Call of Duty can seemingly do no wrong regardless of any criticism aimed towards the franchise.

If you have played Modern Warfare 3 and didn’t feel as if it was better than Modern Warfare 2, let us know your ideas on how they can ‘innovate’ the series to make it completely different. Would space warfare be such a bad idea?

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  • Kieranstruthers

    Cod 4 all the way !!!!

  • Carlos Miranda64

    The way of call of duty black ops shown the map,the killstreaks,the semtex,is much better than call of duty modern warfare 3.The blackbird its looks better than advanced uav.Now modern warfare 3 has better weapons and more diffrent killstreaks than call of duty black ops.

  • Chrisspyfarrow

    I liked all three modern warefares but I do agree that they need to go in a different direction with the story and tweak the gameplay a bit, but not too much otherwise its not call of duty. I was thinking maybe centre the story around covert ops DEA and CIA kinda stuff. Taking out hi profile targets, destroying drug rings, rescueing hosteges, counter terrorism.

  • no more call of duty sequels please its worthless

  • Thataboy85

    No space warfare for me! I can go pick up several other games to play if I want to go out of space! I deal with enough aliens everyday!!!!

  • Matt37cameron

    The online play is what puts me off. All the cheating. People jumping all the time. The idiots that just make silly noises all the time. I don’t play it anymore. Come on activision get rid of all the cheats and the kangaroo soldiers jumping about spinning in the air.

    • Thataboy85

      I guess activision will let the same thing happen to MW3! I thought they had stopped all that crap!!!!

  • Ozgurumcomp

    best one is mw1 and 2 

  • Zazyt

    Activision needs to take a longer time to create their game, not import and use old elements of the other ones… Then it seems like its an old CoD but with a few different features. Activision is going to “milk” the series. I already lost my interest after Black Ops, it was fun but then gets boring and online for CoD is too repetitive. If they put atleast 2 years into their game they would make a lot better game!

    • I agree I also lost interest after Black Ops too for the same reason.