Biggest E3 tipped with PS4 and Xbox 720 reveal

By Gary Johnson - Feb 12, 2012

Over the last few months we have had a steady stream of possible specs and the release date time frame for the next gen consoles from both Microsoft and Sony. Today we have some more rumors of an E3 reveal of both the PS4 and Xbox 720, and will make this year’s E3 the biggest yet.

We have heard before that both companies would be revealing new hardware at this June’s event, only for the claims to be shot down from a various sources. Now today there are new claims coming in from a UK gaming magazine PSM3, which as Sillegamer are reporting the existence of a new Sony console. This comes after Sony President Kaz Hirai saying there will be no PS4 reveal at this year’s E3.

Previously the same claims were made by other sources that a new PlayStation console will make its first appearance at E3. It has also been claimed that Microsoft won’t be left out of the picture either and will reveal new hardware. All this will come with more news on the Nintendo Wii U that should finally provide an actual release date.

These rumors come after Epic Games Mark Rein recently revealed that the company would reveal the Unreal Engine 4 later this year. Now Gamer are reporting that Rein said that “people are going to be shocked later this year when they see Unreal Engine 4 and how much more profound an effect it will have”.

He went on to say that the Unreal Engine 4 was already running on “”systems we can’t name yet”, which could be new hardware from Sony and Microsoft. Obviously he could mean the Wii U but this console is already known about so surely he could name it. Also Epic already has the Unreal Engine 3 that runs games such as Gears of War 3 and Batman: Arkham City, so the company would want Unreal Engine 4 working with all the latest platforms.

Do you think Sony and Microsoft will be revealing new hardware at E3?

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  • Anonymous

    Well if they show them at E3 this year, then you can expect the actual consoles to be non working model’s and all content from them will be recorded videos from a single unit that they got working and made a few tech demos, to show what they are capable off.

    Not holding my breath though as they apparently are going for AMD component’s and they are just slow and over priced.

  • Ieastsidegaming

    Current generation consoles are only 5-7 years old with sony sticking to their 10 year support rule we wont see a PS4 for years. On the other hand it will be 10 years for the xbox 360 in 2015 so no doubt in 2013 we will see a reveal of either Xbox (most likely) or PS4 (unlikely) just my opinion.

  • Xi101xi

    No doubt, both Sony and Microsoft are going to reveal information pretty soon.  We’re at the time to do so. Modern consoles are extremely aged and its time for the next leap.  However, they don’t want to tip their hat to one another.  It’s all about timing, which means you aim to leave the other competitors guessing.

    I have two desires for these new consoles.  Backwards compatibility (I don’t want to toss my old games) and more RAM.  RAM has always been the limiting factor with consoles.

  • Simply put, If they have a device that is polished for being in the alpha stage, yes. If it isn’t to the point of true function, No.