Skyrim Patch 1.4: Bethesda offer PS3 advice to fix lag issue

By Gary Johnson - Feb 11, 2012

Since its release Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been pretty well received by many gamers, who have a game that will last them for a long time. The latest patch for the title was recently released with many owners of the PS3 hoping it would finally fix the sometimes crippling lag problem. Bethesda has now offered some advice on how to properly apply the Skyrim patch 1.4 after downloading it.

There are many owners that have found the latest Skyrim patch has finally sorted the serious lag issue on the console, but unfortunately there are still some that are still having difficulties. Now according to an article over at VG24/7 developer Bethesda has taken to the official forums offering some further advice to PS3 owners to try and fix any remaining problems.

They have said that the patch includes a number of performance improvements for the game on the PS3, but point out a few important things to be aware of. To start with owners are advised that after downloading the patch they should create a new manual save, before restarting the console and continuing to play.

The advice then goes on to state that if users notice any strange actions after applying the patch that it is only the Skyrim scripts correcting themselves, and will only be temporary. Once the correction has been completed a new save is needed ahead of a restart of the system.

Owners are then advised that if this still doesn’t help they should comment about it on the forums or other channels as Bethesda keeps an eye on these for feedback. Hopefully this will help matters as some users are getting excited about future DLC releases for the game. Recently we had some nice Skyrim DLC concept ideas for you to look at that could make the game even better. Below is a video of the patch working for one PS3 owner.

Has the latest Skyrim patch fixed all the problems for you?

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  • babysister

    the water freezing messed up my game. since i applied the patch, game freezes immediately as soon i go into water. i tried other suggestions about deleting game file (not save data) and making new file and after waiting 15 mins real time for patch to do its thing, it dont work. now i tried to load old file after deleting update and it wont let me load those files. basically tried everything i can think of. all those hours wasted on the game for them to come out with dang patch that messes up.sorry just ticked they should have tripled checked this game before releasing it.

  • VikingSon

    I have played several hours since downloading 1.4.  (My game had continually crashed prior to this – 325 hrs. 25+MB saves.)  The patch has vastly improved the lag issue/game crash.  However, I am still finding that I cannot complete certain quests, such as Bards’ College, as the game will not remove the items from my inventory.

  • Gusticles

    I must have been lucky, i never really had any problems what so ever. There was one time it got a little laggy but other than that it ran great. I have 170 hours and it was still kickin.

  • Ruben_kudeborg

    It still lags for me on the PS3 🙁

    • gusticles

      what if you delete all your skyrim install data, not your game saves just the install data, then run it and update

  • CMLegend

    I wasn’t having much problem before the patch, but now the game locks up if I even get close to riften or try to fast travel there… Anyone know why this is or how to fix it?

  • Jonathanteasley

    My revealing the unseen quest is still glichtched the Mage is just sitting on the floor and won’t give me the key I can’t kill or pick pocket him it’s pretty much the only quest line I have not completed

  • Vincentcarew

    My Game will not load at all after the patch  !  i ran ok before but tons of broken quests, but now it will not load any of my saves ?  Epic ****ing fail!

    • Milkyway64

      maybe your doing it wrong

      • Vincentcarew

        yes i know how to download a patch. 🙁  it is  clearly not me . the game starts up and every single save i have  goes to the same scene that says  ” this bookshelf is full” and no buttons work at all.  however if i start a new game it work ok.. there goes 175hr and 41 levels …. not happy

  • M.C.O.B

    cant’n download the patch. won’t even let me turn on skyrim. bethesde needs to burn

    • Chark

      It’s probably not Bethesda. Their could just be an issue with your ps3, which might be fixable.

    • Gusticles

       thats not bethesda man

  • M.C.O.B

     is any body still having problems with their ps3 itself? mine was working perfectly until skyrim started having problems. now none of my games work. it’s like skyrim gave it cancer.

    • Chark

      Not sure if any game or patch can do anything like that to your system. It’s possible if you’ve had to hard reset your system that some damage occurred, or maybe you played around with some system setting that corrupted files. Hopefully not, but if it’s that big of a problem you might need to reformat you ps3. IF YOU DO MAKE SURE TO COPY SAVE FILES TO A USB DRIVE! unless everything is clouded. Any game you bought from psn will have to be redownloaded and you’ll have to adjust all you settings back to the way you like it. If you need to do this RESEARCH IT ON A PROPER PS3 HELP SITE, so you don’t do something you regret. Of course maybe there is another solution, or maybe reformatting won’t help. Good luck.

  • waynesworld57

    The new 1.4 patch for Skyrim on my PS3 has definitely improved the game play. I do still notice some slight lagging when I enter and exit dungeons but the overall game play has speeded up. No freezes as of yet.

    I think Bethesda should offer at least one free DLC as a thank you to loyal fans for having to put up with the lag issues these last few months. I know they are still making tons of money on Skyrim but hope they appreciate what us gamers have had to deal with.

    • Jeff Hjelm

      Completely agree with free DLC of substance as some form of compensation.  That would go a long way for those of us who stuck with the game but “played thru pain” so to speak.

  • Jeff Hjelm

    HUGE improvement for me.  I did as directed with the manual save and restart.  My gave is 240hrs and 24Mb.  Save file went down to 20Mb, not as far as I expected BUT the save time went from 2-5 minutes to about 10-15 seconds.  After rebooting I spent the better part of an hour running overland, running into a random dragon, fast-traveled to basically every city, messed with a bunch of items, etc, basically just trying to jam things up and it runs better than initial release.  Also the load times are improved, which was a nice surprise.  Fast-traveling got to the point where I’d get 3-5 notes while loading up new location.  Now it barely gets thru two.  Walking in and out of buildings is also instant load.  It feels like a totally different game from a performance perspective.  Quest bugs and inventory issues, none of that seems to be fixed at all (my quest issues weren’t mentioned in the list for the patch anyway so no surprise).  Only 3-4 side-type quests so no real big deal to me.  Maybe get fixed down the road.  The last major test for me today is to play continuously for a few hours and see if cummulatively things lead to eventual lag.  Sprinting around the world last night doing things I realized I couldn’t do for over 150+ hours was really, really fun so I’m at least glad they got this patch right, at least for performance issues.

    • Jeff Hjelm

      Update:  3+ hour session yesterday doing just about everything and no lag at all.  Save file after all the in-game scripting ran (I presume) reduced file size from 24Mb to 17Mb.  Plays like a dream for me now.  I’ve checked all the quest, inventory and other clear glitches I can think of and none are fixed.  Again, most of mine were not in the official listing so I wasn’t expecting them to be fixed.  So, yes it was extremely bad for whoever at Bethesda to make the call to ship PS3 Skyrim to meet the 11.11.11 in-home knowing full well the big problems that version had AND to not give any hint of it to the potential customers but at least they deserve credit for getting a quality fix out there, even if it took what, for many people (not me) seems like way too long.  

  • I’ve actually noticed more issues with lags and stutters when entering new dungeons. The only thing it hasn’t done since the patch is lock up randomly.