Instagram updates to 2.1 while Android users wait

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 11, 2012

Millions of iPhone owners are enjoying the Instagram app every month and today they’re getting an update for the popular app, which takes Instagram to v2.1. This new version allows you to tap on push notifications and then be taken directly to the photo, and you can also edit your photo from the profile page after this update.

New features in 2.1 include a new filter called “Sierra“, a design that has been improved and simplified, and also a new way users can enhance photos with “Lux“. You can find out more about the new version on iTunes and it’s worth pointing out that Instagram for iOS has well over 314,000 ratings, which average 4.5 stars and show just how good this app is.

Instagram for Android is nearing while frustration grows – last week we posted an article that looked at how the demand for an Instagram app on Android was growing, and most Android users cannot wait for something official rather than the alternative Android apps. Earlier this week we heard that Instagram could be coming really soon after users reported seeing a link on the Android Market Place, although reports following this news point to the same developer posting a Temple Run app that is said to be malware. We cannot confirm these reports although feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment.

There have been a number of alternative apps mentioned for Android, which include Vignette and Mobli although not everyone shares the love for Instagram, and some people feel it “makes people in pictures look terrible“. We’d love to hear why you want Instagram so badly on the Android platform?

You can also see a video below that runs through the main features of Instagram, and might give some people a little insight into why the majority of people love the app. The video review is a little old so bare in mind that some new features have been added since.

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  • Fed Up

    I cant believe instagram is not on android yet, there is no point now I dont want instagram on android anymore please dont bring it, Has no one heard of lightbox for android?? come on look it up!!! how sad would it be when instagram hits android then no one uses lightbox no more I mean these people worked so hard making lightbox then instagram will come along an destroy it its not right….

    • Aspiegel26

      try mobli its better and works on droid and blackberry

  • Alisdair Glen

    I personally can’t wait for an Android app. I have a lot of friends that use instagram and use it myself on my 4th gen iPod Touch but I’m limited to only using WiFi. I love how anyone with a camera phone can put simple effects on pictures and have it seen by millions. It makes even the least artistic person, an artist.

  • L0vesalie

    My Razr has 8 Mega pixels. The iPhone 4 has only 5. And the new phone 4S has 8. So i dont think the bad photo quality should be an issue. I prefer Android over Razr because I love the fact that I can download all kinds of music absolutely free. And i also love my 4G. I can watch movie imn seconds. But the main reason I went with my Razr was because I’m so used to the big screen. I previously had the Droid X. All of my family members have the iPhone and the graphics on my screen come in way better quality then their Iphones! It’s all a matter of preference. But instagram should not only be for iPhone.. I can’t wait till it comes for Droid!

  • Android4life

    How many mag is your camera? 5 how many is my 8 and its 3D

  • L0vesalie

    I have an the new Android Razr.. and it has the same Mega pixels as the iPhone! I put a lot of research into both before going with the razr. I hope it instafran comes soon!

  • I think it would be way cooler if Instagram stayed on the iPhone.  Android users will flood it with pictures from not so good cameras

    • Android4life

      How many mag is your camera? 5 how many is my 8 and its 3D

    • Alan Fortte

      Well the crappy camera’s from the iPhone and iPhone 3G are on Instagram, how about separating the 2 OS’ and have 2 different ecosystems running?

    • Brittany Guilbert

      Wow. Someone’s an iPhone snob. Why do you get to say who can and can’t use Instagram? I wish Instagram was available on all smartphones only because the vintage-looking filters are pretty cool!

    • My camera is 8 megapixels and wayyyyy better than any iPhone camera. Droids have had better cams than iPhones for a while. So your point is moot. Do your research pal.