New Skyrim DLC concept makes fans drool

By Alan Ng - Feb 10, 2012

It just gets better and better for Skyrim players. With the memory problems aside that some gamers are facing, the release of the creation kit this week has put everyone in good spirits. Maybe not so much for console players, but Bethesda has released some new footage which could provide an indication on possible DLC for both console and PC platforms.

In what can only be described as an ultimate tease, Bethesda’s Todd Howard has revealed some brand new, unseen footage from the game, showing all kinds of new gameplay which were designed by Bethesda’s team as a task during an annual brainstorming week, referred to internally as Game Jam.

Players have been salivating at the prospect of riding dragons in Skyrim and thought that this feature may only be possible via unofficial mods on PC, but we see Bethesda showcase dragon mounts in their video, which obviously means that it could be a possibility for console DLC in the future. That’s not all we see though, far from it as there are tons of new features that current players would love to see in the game.

There’s even a glimpse of the fabled giant mudcrab, which looks pretty awesome we may add too. Other new additions that we may be seeing as DLC can include wearbears, flying vampires, mounted combat, kill cams, spear weapons, and wait for it brand new skill trees as well.

One example of a new skill tree was highlighted in the video, and showed off all new unlockable abilities for the werewolf. This has been another feature that has been requested by the community, so it’s great to see Bethesda put some of these ideas to their development team and see how they look in reality. There are many possibilities that Bethesda can expand on the werewolf character, and these new skill trees are a great start.

One important issue raised by Todd Howard though, is whether all these features would appear in the game as DLC, or if they will just appear as free downloads in future patch updates, as Howard teased below:

“Could it be in a future DLC? We don’t know,” Howard said. “Could various parts of it just be released for free? We don’t know.”

We’re not sure about you, but we wouldn’t mind paying for those werewolf skill trees, the giant mud crab battles and the ability to play as a werebear, as long as the price is reasonable of course. Take a look at all the features below and let us know what you are most excited about seeing.

Would you happily pay for this content?

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  • Adam Warren

    What i’ve always loved the idea of is having the ability to make your own city and become king!. Then the ability to 1:Build up your city. 2:raise an army and attack other cities, and 3: Build up a commerce. So pretty much turn it into a fully blown out CIV game inside an RPG.

    Turning it into an MMO is a HUGE no-no. if you want to play an MMORPG  go and play the other 50 that re out there at the moment. Elder scrolls was never ment to be an MMO, so why change it into one? ITs like taking Metal Gear Solid and turning it into one.

    Different opening’s for each race.
    (i know there are a few Mods but there never as good 🙁

    A true Good and Bad  communication/relationship system. if you tell people to go “F them selfs” when they ask you to do something for them. Dont let the person forget about it after his first reply. It cracks me up when you insult some one and the reply to you is exactly the same as if you gave them a positive comment. Why have the choice of two replys?

    More armor/customize it / Epic armor is VERY VERY VERY rare.
    One thing i hate about skyrim is once you get a dragon priest mask… there isnt anything to replace it unless your character is into enchanting.. (at least after 150 hours of playing i havnt found anything). even at lower levels most characters only have 2-3 choices of what to wear (looks wise)

    More spells!
    Ice walls, Levitate enemies, send them to another realm, turn them to stone, make them explode etc
    The game “Two worlds” magic system is simply amazing. You can cause earthquakes where you see the rubble break under their feet, cause tidal waves etc. In Skyrim its pretty limited 🙁

    Cut off limbs!
    Imagine being able to cut off an emnemys right arm to disarm him. 😀 Enough said

    Add more weapons
    Spears, crossbows, sling shots, Knuckle dusters with spikes, Ball and chains, and Anything that’s featured on deadliest warrior 😉

    Tall – short – dwarfs -fat and thin people.

  • Cole82

    In oblivion I thought that rebuilding kvatch would have been lovely. Why not get the jarls seat at helgen and rebuild it how you see fit?

    • Nailedher

       there is no Jarl of Helgen, its in Whiterun (<—-super geek alert)

  • I’m really glad that Bethesda is really taking what their fans have to
    say into account. seems like they’re really trying to make everyone
    happy. unlike *ahem* Cashcom *cough cough*. Developers that listen to their fans is few and far between these days.

    Being able to create your own faction would be soooo awesome! I mean, you already have companions, why not right?

    New armor, weapons and such would be great too, but I think being able to alter colors on existing ones would be even better. Customize your characters outfits/weapons to the tee.

    The new skill trees of course is a welcome addition, which means higher levels!

    The giant mudcrab would be such a great addition. Especially if it was recurring in certain areas.

    I think the dragon mounts and horse battles would be soooo epic! Just imagine the new dynamics in gameplay if that was true.

    Flying vampires? yeah that sounds great but hopefully it looks/plays well. and I was a fan of werewolves but I didn’t really get to delve too deep into that aspect of gameplay. maybe if they added some new features I’d be into it.

    Someone brought up a good point of being able to create your own house, where you want with dungeons to store weapons, etc. that would be dope too.

    Can we see lesser dragon battles tho? And some patches to fix some glitches?

  • Aaronmyers22

    I am hoping the Giant Mud Crab, Dragon mount, horseback battle, werebear (with skill tree), the custom house, and most of all becoming a flying vampire make the cut.

    Also, I really hope for a categorized favorites menu. So, I don’t need to search for an item alphabetically in my long list of favorites. Separating the favorite items into categories like the equipment screen would be much appreciated.

    Can’t Wait!!! The missions are starting to become redundant at this point. I also miss the third person point of view (further away, rather than over the shoulder) and spell casting from Oblivion. The spell casting becomes a pain if you are a warrior class. It is too similar to BioShock.

    • Bisky Niffer

      You can control the zoom of third person mode.  While holding down the right joystick, push forward and  back on your movement stick to zoom in and out.

  • loco

    Build your own house!!

  • Katan13

    Friendly giants who you can trade with would be a nice edition. They just seem so approachable, like they need a hug, and maybe a female giant to er, you know ;o)

    Has anyone come across a female giant as yet???

    • ahoy0

      There are no female giants, that’s why they herd mammoths…

  • quest

    I would pay to be able to build your own house.

  • Superpyro70

    New skill trees = more player levels W00T!

  • Superpyro70

    Just add a quest or 2 with it and it’s good! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 🙂

  • dissapointed

    this is bullshit

  • Keith Gleennon44

    its crawmax all over again

  • toast

    or just add a reference to every comment here in M’aiq dialogue.

  • Minger

    Combine Spears with Horse-Combat…then build an army with that, add a few thousand goblins outside Whiterun…Minas Tirith anyone?

  • I saw a mud crab the other day…F#@%!!!!!!! lol i want EVERTHING in this video. and a vampire perk tree, werewolves are cool and if they but that out ill be one but i like vampires better

  • Anonymous


    Giant mudcrab boss fight = win. Especially if you got dragon souls from it. 

    its like, “Legends tell of a Mudcrab that was born with the soul of a dragon! if you can believe fairytales like that.” 

  • Dylanrussell92

    I would absolutely pay for all that

  • Jburger77

    Yea same here, love the new enemies and abilities espcialy the vampire or building your own house.. but everything sounds great!!

  • Bl33d The FifTH

    that was sick i do hope they keep most of it especially the giant crab!! 🙂

  • ScottyT

    I would pay for everything that the video just showcased… and I would do it happily 🙂

  • Mikeriv1

    i would gladly pay for dlc’s / updates to this game. By far the best game I have ever played and to think they could put even more meat into it puts a smile on my face. Would love to build a hold and be able to create soliders and cooks and whores and do whatever I want. Have weekly be-heddings / hangings,
    GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesseeawesome

    I only have a problem with even though the civil war ended due to me being awesome, was that there was no funeral for Ulfric, and his nude body (because I stole his clothes) is still there. Also, citizens still talk about how troubling the civil war has been on their stores income and such. There should be a larger assortment of things to buy and how much cash flow there is because I am pretty sure I ended that war. I’d really like it if there was an arena so I could prove to my friends that I am far superior than they are. Also, there should be more battles between two sides, I want to get into a large scale battle between 10 or 20 fighters on each side having to deflect and time attacks between kills. I want mount battles, and spears, Goblins EVERYWHERE would be amazing. Just more battles!

    • Superpyro70

      An arena would be and awesome addition for fun (and ranks) but no betting because that would just cause problems and you forgot to t bag Ulfric 😛 

  • Skyrim could be considered a platform, like Facebook is now. You could have 3rd parties developing quests, characters, weapons, etc….

  • Joshua8627

    Amazing!!! Without a doubt, I would pay for this.

  • European EIS

    and also kill cams for archery as well as a theater/recording feature for consoles since I’ve had some outrageously long ranged bow kills

  • European EIS

    companions with a leveling/skill system so you can specify what they’re like/how good they are with certain abilities and what they’re more likely to use in certain situations.. Never use companions now since none of them stealth kill with me

  • Sqpr117

    i dont care how poor i am i would pay for this!!!!!!

  • Blackthunder

    Since skyrim is based off of nordic culture and what not, how about some epic battle with a kraken or sea serpent? It could take place out on a ship or the northern coast and you have to either kill it with arrows, magic, or spears. just a thought.

  • Kosta

    Shut up and take my money!

  • guest

    if you can build your own house you could also build your own city’s

  • Jared

    I would easily pay for that, nough said.

  • Jackb1992

    Werewolf vs Vampires. Similar to the civil war questline. With a new skill tree depending on which side you choose.

  • Joshuakd641

    All I really want from this is the ability to build any kind of house anywhere the house fits, with any kind of interior such as secret dungeon room for valuables. The epic mounts and the dragon mounts, and the werewolf stuff. I would not mind of all the items were in the game, but I really want those, it would really add onto the games gameplay.

  • I want all of the stuff that was in the video.

  • jswalker95

    i would pay for that in a second(after i get the money

  • Kyle Moreno

    I don’t care what they throw out I’ll buy it!


    PLEASE put this on consoles………….. im begging you guys that looked EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes1sir1no1sir

    Dear Beth.
    All of these look amazing!
    these could be released like weekly mini DLC for free! there small tweaks to the game that would be interesting to see each week. players could subscribe and it would automatically download from your website. some DLC would be more popular than other, but it would   keep the game fresh with maybe a few new quests animation tweaks or anything! until a big £9.00 DLC it could be a nice little taster every week! i know no one will read this but by azura if this happens! ….whoah 

  • Snow Leonhart

    I want all of that. As DLC. PLEASE!

  • Crapoc

    I really like being able to train companions and building your own house, that would be awesome if you could make your own little group like the dark brotherhood in skyrim 

  • Ibagel2

    I’ll take all of them.

  • Tylerl4444

    dear god i want it all! except for Were Bear that was stupid.

  • Skadjs

    All the mounts and vampire stuff is awesome! And you can even get minions? That’s great! Oh, and please add the build your own house.

  • Please add the vampire changes and Lycanthropy skill trees!

  • I want to have a child to follow me around and fight for me! Thumbs up for adoption!

  • joe

    they should really bring back the arena from oblivion

  • tom

    Other than that, just general awesome additions to gameplay – more cutscene kills, maybe more direct adrenaline-type mode with just cutscene kills – could use the shouts using mana concept, like ‘mana focus’ etc.

    but generally just waiting til its hammer time in thalmor town lol

  • tom

    Spell forge, with infinite mana levels like in Oblivion, then you’d feel mega-powerful with the 100% destruction discount.

    More random-events, like the companions at the beginning with the troll, and maybe some vampire/ werewolf attacks, and random-based detective work – like discovering a vampire in the town, instead of simple killing/ retrieving. They could do this via random clue placements, to indicate when/ who will be attacked next – marks on the neck of current victim etc, then you could talk to them and wait in their house at night?

    dragon soul usage would be good too, maybe enchanting, or spell-making

    follower dual-wield/ spell use favoriting/ learning.

    Special forges to add an aura to your equipment.

    Special shouts that add an extra enchantment for a period of time, or next hit, by draining from your magic, as mana is useless with 2H otherwise.

    Special knock-back spells, like telekinetic bolts, and arrow enchanting – via cash, more expensive for more arrows etc.

  • Vampiresquid74

    I want a house in the woods i want a house in the woods i want a house in the woods!!!!!!!!!

  • Zeuses Beard17 add me xbox

    it would add to the fun seeing as though i got every achievement in the game… hoping for some more soon.. getting bored of call of duty…

  • Militarymaster28

    add everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cameron

    I Want This To Happen. Mmmmmm…… It Would Make Skyrim More Interesting For Sure!

  • Matt

    Some cool ideas… I like both how trying to expand on changing abilities. Vampirism especially seems rather boring and can use a step up to increase game replay value. I have played it over several times as a diff style char to really see whats out there. The quest lines need some additional help. Its very repetative. All dungeon layouts are so similiar. Theres a secret door somewhere that takes you right o the entrance……. Some cool weapon addons as stated crossbow etc would be rather cool. Theres alot of great idea that can be used in that video to really enhance gameplay.

    • Corey

      Agree on the dungeons…  They need to be bigger with dead-ends and the bit on dark dungeons YES.  I want a dungeon that I think twice about exploring because I can hear something big within. 

  • Bsarnold

    Am I the only one that wants more of Sovngarde? I love norse mythology, and I think it would be fun just to pal around and gamble and drink mead with heroes. Maybe Sovngarde could be expanded, and you could tie off loose ends for the heroes there. Also, everyone’s been talking about Hammerfell, but I think it would be cool to go to Elsweyr (sand: same as snow texture, just sepia). Last but not least, there currently is no motive to wear regular clothes; I think that all non-armor clothes should give you a certain amount of charisma or barter or different dialogue options (depending on how classily you’re dressed), because as it is, you might as well run around naked.

  • Jen

    Build your own house? I.. just… yay!

  • HIpeople

    dude sooooooo freaking sweet, one thing you need to fix is the load time when you enter somewhere then we r set! very nice cant wait 4 this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymoose


    • Bsarnold

      I just hope the giant mudcrab doesn’t hit you into next week like the giants. I’m fine with one hit kills, just the physics take you so far out of the game. Well, I guess death literally takes you out of the game, but still…

  • Anotherdress

    yes please release all of this and more. I think there should be free stuff, like better visuals/color customization of weapons/armor. I love love love the house with skeleton butler, and please could there be a full dlc dedicated to the civil war, But seriously everythng there looks amazing, oh and vamp lord, how evil would you have to be to tease us with that and not sell it? really i’m a fan boy, slap anything with skyrim on the logo and I’ll pay.

  • Darkchris97


  • MrT.

    Oh my sweet, this has practically been the most re-vitalizing experience I have had with Skyrim in mind. Seeing these ( especially as just being a taste) I would surely get re-hooked back on Skyrim. Give us build a house, Vampire Lord(minions). Follower options( Magic training), New Skill Trees ( not just lycanthropy). Seasons ( even though skyrim visual is amazing). Goblins ( come on their goblins), It’d be nice to ride a White Tiger Mount. Killcams. Everything is a yes!

  • Bmxryder76

    This all looks so cool but I think a multiplayer arena would be cool so you could put your character against other people’s to see who’s better. And you could spectate and bet on who the winner is going to be. More armor and weapon customization would be cool to. Like being able to change the red tint of daedric items to green or some other color

    • Arenaforskyrim

      that could be the best idea EVER!!!!!! multiplayer arena would be awesome!!!!! i could honestly say if they done that i wouldnt play another game for a very long time

    • Vampiresquid74

      Yes!!!! Exactly what i was thinking!

  • Freefalltech

    id pay half the price of skyrim for those dlcs lol id play exclusivly this game for the nextv2 years if it comes outv! seriously it rocks!

  • Joseph briffa

    use them all

  • Your Name

    nice! Class packs would be a bonus, few weapons, armor etc. – it sucks seeing all the mods they are doin on the comp comparing to havin it on the console. .. but thats the way it goes – – as for would I pay for any of these? Of course! – Like someone said down there a few should be included in updates not having to pay for things that make the visuals better. – The new weapons look amazing, very assassins creed-ish imo for the spear. The ol ball an chain would be incredible, I was hopin for that when I started playing…The Kill Cams – oh most definitely! – mixin spells – hell yeah! – new enemies? Course! – – the only thing I wouldnt pay for is the Dragon Mount. lol . I like walkin around an usin a dragon to fly everywhere would be cool, but would take away from the hunting the landscape. – – even the giant mudcrab looks awesome n satisfying to battle in epic combat lol. 

    • Guest

      Dragon Mount!!!!  Arial assults, battles, jousting… Arena where my experienced dragon would gladly take your hard earned gold because you were the moron to take on the bet…  

  • Oniofemerald

    i just saw the video and you know what, why not just use all the ideas thats all i have to say.

  • Oniofemerald

    i would like to see more weapon options like the spear,crossbow,ect. Also armour like the mithril,silver,chainmail,ect.

  • hi

    just having a giant mudcrab and riding a dragon is a bit crap, i mean we do spend a lot of time and money on these games and @ the moment that being the main focus point would be bull. i really hope they listen to what peoplewant (within reason) and give us something that is  worth spending more money on

    • Bsarnold

      idk man. I was skeptical of the giant mudcrab, but once i saw it……… SHWING!   Everyone seems to want a dragon mount, but I don’t even like fast travel; I always use it, but I hate myself for it.

  • Beezy1340

    What if we dont have enough perk points……. But we have extra Dragon souls….. Make it so we can use those things that we have left over and put it to something we don’t have enough of 🙂

    And as for the spears how about being able to throw them and use them for melee? Whichever one you prefer, right? And after you throw it you can go a retrieve it 🙂

    And how about letting the players get

    • Beezy1340

      And how about letting the players get a chance to have a game jam for a week too! Let us experience all these awesome things like you guys did for one week only and see how we like it and then im sure that will suck us all in and get us all addicted and then we will defiantly pay for it in the end 🙂 ……. Try it 😉

      • Beezy1340

        *im sure that you will suck us in and……

  • A random white male

    this is crazy… i love it

  • Colin

    Holy crap this gave me the biggest boner ever

    • Bsarnold

      I guess PR thought, “New Skyrim DLC concept makes fans spontaneously ejaculate” was innapropriate.

  • TDH

    I loved everything I saw here. I really hope they add a bunch of new and exciting quests too as well as this. Maybe an epic quest, where one has to mount a dragon and fly across Skyrim defeating evil giant mudcrabs and werebears?? 

  • Theguy8882

    *sees giant mudcrab* JIZZ IN MY PANTS!

  • Thehighlife341

    When wasn’t this in the original release?

  • Jjjjj


  • krisal99

    i just jizz my self

  • Loganshep666

    i think this is going to be with the patch because todd stated that the first dlc would be more like an expansion and have lots of stuff do in it instead of little things.

  • Purmsc8

    i would happily pay for tthis content and i think lots of people would

  • Max Fusion


  • Ollie

    I really want a refined and expanded raven rock quest line. Build my own town? Hell yeah!

    • Bsarnold

      I would like to have a full city devolopment quest-line, perhaps as a thane. This so the city could be bigger, and maybe you could fix up war torn things (like that house in Whiterun that always bothers me).

  • Jboyjew

    Sounds awesome as hail, but what about dragon based weapons, and or an upgrade for mages my friend gets murdered bad cause his defense is so low and he specced into all magic

    • TDH

      If he’s having trouble as a mage, tell him to use Alteration, and use the Ebony Flesh or the Dragon Hide spell for an instant defence boost. 

  • Sam

    I’m pretty sure you can find most of this stuff in the mod community, but I wouldn’t mind paying for a big coolness package with everything in it. I just don’t want to spend 10 bucks for one new cool feature and 10 for another. Bethesda may have been making peace with the PC community by giving them a great patch, HD patch etc. Still, we had to wait for 3 months to get the game working properly. Free stuff would make me happy AND more willing to pay for more. You give some you receive some. gimme the love I’ll give it back. So great video, I hope I’ll see that soon

  • Jeremiah

    Also, I have all of the Shouts now. So all I have is just a bunch of leftover Dragon Souls. It would be nice to create something that can give it some use

  • Jeremiah

    I wouldn’t mind paying for it. But, I don’t like how PC is getting the cool stuff!
    And yes, I would really like armor for horses as well! And dragon-mounting! Also, it would be nice for the game to have a “Lefty preference” (Have a sword on the left hand, and the shield on the right hand. And have the third person screen be on the left side). I for one am a lefty, and would much appreciate that. AND SOME NEW SHOUTS TOO!


    I like all these ideas but the one thing that i would love to see is new major map from past Elder Scrolls Games implanted with these ideas. I know these are Ideas and they are not final, but bethesda my patience is soon dying out! AND NO ARMOR ON HORSES!!!!!!!

  • MokriggtheBlademaster

    I know i’m not going to be the first to say this about the giant mudcrab…but…”Attack it’s weak point for massive damage!”

    Now that I have that out of my system, i’m loving these ideas. If any of these are implemented I will crap bricks.

    • FUS DO RAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      SHOOT IT IN THE KNEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaminman

    I would totally pay for those features and if some were free that would just be added bonus

  • shayman

    This made my week! I would love to see the dark dungeons, building your own house/castle, fire and water arrows, kill cams for archers, seasonal foliage become a reality, alongside newer skill tree’s, new quests for DB, thieves guild etc, possibility of trip to hammerfell- maybe I’m just being greedy! 😀 lol

  • Rampage

    everything sounds cool, looks great. i really hope there is going to more missions and not just a couple of new enemies and dragon riding. But the main thing i want more then anything is a ARENA, they seem to have makings of one( the 2 dog fighting rings ive found, which would be coolto bet on) i just think that a simple thing like that would bring another awesome thing to the game.

    • Breey1340

      How about dogs as in werewolfs 😉 …….werewolf arena 🙂 that would be something else

  • Guestooo

    *drooooool* and if I may ask a very simple addition. Snazzy unenchanted robes and clothes at shops so when i run around as a mage-assassin I can look the part and enchant it how I want to 😀

  • That’s awesome. Some of the stuff like seasonal follage and the water shader thing should be an update not dlc..

  • Dragonsouls1

    Hell ya! I love the spears and if you watch at the point where it says verlet surfaces for non static objects you would’ve noticed the Dovahkiin has a ball and chain. I would use that so much it would be unreal. Also the goblins look great and I love the lycanthropy tree. Bethesda should release all of these in one dlc pack for cheap.

  • ChrisS196

    Werebear FTW! I’d love the ability to improve the whole lycanthropy system. The Giant Mudcrab just looks mind blowing, imagineing that thing coming at your character! The dungeons with water and moveable platforms is cool. The thing with vampires looks creepy and doesn’t appeal to me but I know it will for others.
    I’m no developer but most of these seem like game mechanics and not storylines, although some of them like the dragon mounts would need a story like a friendly dragon (the only two I know is Odavhiing and Paarthunax). I’d also love an extension of the narrative especially with the Thalmor, there are so many references to a future war with them in the near future. I’ve only completed the Imperial Questline and even Tullius and Rikke mention it!

  • Jaybro350

    Omg I think I just died and that’s defiantly heaven

  • Squige

    Incredible.. Personaly i would love to see spears make a comeback from Morrowind.Giant mudcrabs? Just YES.And i like the idea of spell combinations, i was hoping for that in the orriginal release when they talked about dual casting.. you could do things like frost and fire for a water type spell, less damage but heavy push effect like everyones favorate shout 🙂

    Speaking of shouts… why dont we have a shout skill tree yet?! Spend a dragon soul every level to try and keep it ballanced.. but you could have damage, protection, coercion, healing shout bonuses.. and a new self-developed shout at the top of each tree!

    One thing i would quite like to see is the introduction of giant spriggans. I know it seems a bit silly at first..but it could be that once spriggans reach a certain age, they just set root and turn into something like the Ents from lord of the rings, then start producing spriggan saplings. But thats just an idea, please flame it if you hate it.Hopefully some of the things such as the extra skill trees, spell combos and weapons make it into free dlc, but i would quite happily pay for all of this if it was packaged.

    I think i’ve gone on quite enough.Major kudos Bethesda. Keep it up

  • Angus Grainge

    wow just wow