PC companies hoping Windows 8 release will ease pain

By Gary Johnson - Feb 9, 2012

There was a time when we all used big desk top PCs with that big CRT monitor using dial-up internet. Then we saw broadband and LCD screens begin to be used more, before the advent of laptop computers. The release of the Apple iPad led to the biggest change though back in 2010, and now PC sales have dropped. Now it seems that PC companies are hoping the Windows 8 release will ease the pain.

Over in the UK sales of PCs have slipped by twenty percent during the last quarter of 2011, and according to Techworld only Apple managed to increase sales. For the whole of 2011 sales in the country fell by 15.9 percent, which accounts for two million units. Consumers seemed to favor smartphones and tablets that are also often cheaper to buy.

The drop in sales accounts for both business and consumer users alike and Apple now sells almost one in ten of all PCs. Brands such as Acer lost 46 percent compared to the previous year, while HP lost almost 16 percent, and Dell losing 9 percent. The drop in sales is also being put down to the recession with public sector business seeing a big drop.

Netbook sales are in freefall after losing 50 percent during the last quarter of 2011, which previously held unit sales up ever since 2009. The decline has come as companies cut development and move away from the sector.

But with Intel’s Ultrabook soon to arrive and Windows 8 on the horizon things could well improve over the next year. It has to be noted that PC sales have seen plenty of ups and downs in the past, which have been driven by new technology and the release of new versions of Windows.

There will be many consumers who want to purchase a new laptop or PC but are holding fire until the release of Windows 8. PC sales are falling across Europe and can easily be put down to the tough economic climate that many people are experiencing at the moment.

Have you put off buying a new PC until Windows 8 is released?

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  • HPC

    Windows Phone 8 won’t just share a UI with the next-generation desktop
    and tablet OS, apparently: it will use many of the same components as
    Windows 8, allowing developers to “reuse as i read from an article

  • how will ultrabooks and windows 8 change PC?we have tablets if we want smooth browsing with big screen and some cool apps on smartphones as well. why would i want to carry an ultrabook which is bigger and weighs more than tablets and smartphones?

    PC is good only gaming,but we have xbox and ps3 which are good,not too good in graphics compared to PC but they have wide range of games,ex:gears of war,uncharted,halo and RDR.

    I thought PS VITA  would be a threat for 7th gen consoles but it is proving to be something else and I will be eagerly looking forward to WII U and there is point in its delay,so that it could outsmart consoles.