PS3 Firmware Update 4.10: List of changes

By Gary Johnson - Feb 8, 2012

Despite all the recent talk about the next generation games consoles both Microsoft and Sony continue to improve the current models via software upgrades. Today we have news of the PS3 firmware 4.10 update and the changes it brings with it.

One change that will please a lot of users is the improvements to the web browser. According to an article on the sixthaxis the new browser now optimizes the display with increased accuracy of page layouts. Before now certain websites were not displayed correctly that included interactive pages, but are now supported with the latest software.

Tests have found the system to be much better and a quick HTML5 run brought a score of 80 compared to 0 before. An ACID3 test scored the PS3 99 compared to the PS Vita that scores 53. Twitter and YouTube now work perfectly on the console as well.

The latest firmware also brings the PSN rebranding that we reported about recently, and now users can get the correct time and date automatically every time you sign into the network, but if you don’t need this you can simply adjust the date and time settings to automatically off. The update is now available to users as is the firmware update for PS Vita users as well.

Many of our readers are happy with the changes to the PS3 web browser but there are some who are reporting there is no difference. Some users have reported that after downloading the update they tried using websites that froze and didn’t work properly before, only to be met with the same issues.

Hopefully the firmware update will also address the issues that arose for some users after the last round of PSN maintenance. Some PS3 owners were reporting they were receiving the error code 80023102, and that their download list had disappeared. Sony did say though once the error had been fixed all content will be available again. Below you can see a video of a PS3 receiving the firmware update.

Have you updated your PlayStation 3 yet? How did the update go for you and do you notice improvements with the web browser?

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  • Sumendran

    Isnt it about time the ps3 could accept a usb 3g dongle to go online? A cheap android tablet can do it but ps can’t. that sounds stupid. Also, surely we can get a few funkier visualisations for the ps3 mp3 player? What about a nice online catalogue which syncs with imdb to give an overview of video content? Without simple software updates like that, Sony remains unimaginative and limited to thinking within the box. This is the reason the console industry’s lack of flexibility is causing itself to implode.

  • Aaron-beaver

    the ps vita is in its early stages of life give it a chance. it will support flash at a later time. but u still can download music ,videos.and it has a smart phone broswer. playstation all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaron-beaver


  • Awilkins232

    After I downloaded the update I can sign in but I can’t download anything from the playstation store, Netflix will not load and everything was fine before the update. I called the tech support and they said they were having the same issues with people on the east coast but nothing has been reported on the west coast yet. Then she said it was something with my Ports on my router called Cisco made the changes to my router and still can’t download jack now my system can’t even find my home network thanks Sony!

  • Thataboy85

    It would be nice if they make the browser to recognize the Vettle website!!!

  • Eastend

    What the hell! Now in order to watch any videos off the internet they first have to be downloaded to the hard drive. What a bummer now watching porn and keeping it off the console is gone.

  • Sam

    Since the update and I could be imagining things here, I’ve had a lot of coffee today but it looks like my ps3 has been given some sort of narcotics, its flying through everything im asking of it. Like taking half the time to get on the pitch with FIFA 12 from disk boot up.

  • who actually uses the browser in a PS3???

    • I used to ometimes, but recently i’ve been getting a message saying something like, “There’s not enough memory. The page has been replaced with a blank page” Any idea why this might be happening and how I can resolve it?

    • I used to ometimes, but recently i’ve been getting a message saying something like, “There’s not enough memory. The page has been replaced with a blank page” Any idea why this might be happening and how I can resolve it?