MW3 Drop Zone offline, doesn’t bode well for missing modes

By Jamie Pert - Feb 7, 2012

When we revealed that a new playlist called Infected was coming to Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer offerings we were pretty excited, however we were unaware that this would result in a different game mode disappearing, today we’ve got a slight update on the situation.

The game mode which was taken offline is Drop Zone, this was played under core conditions and involved two teams trying to take control of the ‘drop zone’, it was a bit of a frag-fest to be honest, but popular none-the-less, therefore there are lots of people upset to hear that

Reactions on Twitter show just how many people enjoyed Drop Zone, some of which even go as far as saying Drop Zone was the best MW3 multiplayer offering. What confuses us is why both Drop Zone and Infection can’t be available simultaneously.

Infinity Ward’s community manager, Robert Bowling, has commented on the matter, here’s what he tweeted:

We hear what you’re saying about missing Drop Zone in #MW3 loud & clear! We’re limited on playlist space, but looking at solutions for it!

We guess there are some limitations in regards to just how many multiplayer game modes can be offered, but what bothers us is that many of us still want some other game modes added. If Infinity Ward is adopting a ‘one-in, one-out’ policy it doesn’t bode well for missing playlists such as Hardcore Headquarters, Hardcore Free-For-All, Hardcore Demolition or Hardcore Capture the Flag.

While we are talking about MW3 multiplayer game modes we would love to hear what game modes you would like to see added to the game and which you wouldn’t mind losing. Personally I miss Hardcore Capture the Flag the most as it was a very tactical game mode, as for what to get rid off, I hate core game modes – so for me any of these wouldn’t be missed. Please share your opinions below.

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  • Regul8orz

    Drop zone has some strategy involved for anyone out there willing to learn it. You keep calling it a frag fest but isnt that the reason you play the game? You want to frag people. Anywho when you play dz with a good team you will quickly learn that its not just a frag fest. There is strategy. You need a couple of guys running blast shield to protect and hold the dz and a couple guys putting out trophy systems. Another couple guys playing the perimeter of the dz killing enemies en route to the dz. There are many variations on this strategy that also work well in drop zone. Drop zone, like every other game mode, requires its own strategy and just because you dont like the way it plays doesnt mean it sucks. I hate the way infected plays but I see there are close to 80,000 people playing it every night so that means people must like it and accept the strategy of it. To each his/her own

  • phil

    Drop Zone is back everyone…quit your bitchin’

  • Drop Zone would be awesome if it also had a ‘Free-for-All’ mode. Dont get me wrong, this mode and Kill Confimred are about the only reason Iv started playing team matches but I cant even set up DZ as free-for-all event in my own private match. I like to play with two other friends in ‘Private Match’; and that makes team play impossible… or at least VERY unbalanced.

    The statement Mr. Bowling makes ‘We hear what you’re saying about missing Drop Zone in #MW3 loud & clear! We’re limited on playlist space, but looking at solutions for it!’… WTF… SERIOUSLY!!! I dont get how they can be limited, unless they made the god-awful decision when programming the game. This in itself wouldnt be surprising as well.

    Infinty Wart (as I affectionatly have become to identify them) seems to have a group of ‘kno-it-all’ develop-mental staff on board. We continue to see their arrogance play out as they continually igonore and ban users from their support line who are only trying to assist them in recognizing exploits… again, I blame this on their ‘kno-it-all’ attitudes.

    I would like to see the map ‘KILLHOUSE’ make a come back. While it, like DZ, was a total frag fest; it was simple in design and it really didnt matter if you ran exploits/cheats. There were WAY to many variables involved in a small area for it to matter. This would also be a great way to play infected… only one high point. Id also like to see DZ added in a ‘free-for-all’ setting, at least for private matches… but I already stated that.

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    • Can you imagine trying to play DZ in KillHouse?  No, I dont think that would work as far as online play, but it would rock the house as a ‘free-for-all’ private match setting with like three or four of my friends!!!

  • Jlk4106

    Please BRING IT BACK! infected was ok for the 1st 4-5 games then its boring as hell..

    • A Cyber

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       I am really sorry to have had to post this here and I know this user has not been here in a while and there is a good chance her/him will not even read this, BUT I have to try.
               Respectfully, A Cyber Hunter

  • Laonfait

    Are you guys stupid? All that was in Drop zone was semtex, Frag, Stuns, and concussions. Infected is fun, but when you are infected, might as well quit. Always thought infected shouldn’t count for points or anythjing like that. 

    •  …opinion is free mate, however calling people stupid for having an opinion is classed as ignorant. Or does that make you stupid for not realising that. OH NO HE DI-NT!!

      • He didnt call anyone, or anyones opinion, stupid… it was a question.  Your answer to that shows your own stance.

  • Kewellguy1979

    Lets be honest Infinity Ward should have looked at the past 2 MW games and looked at which 3 or 4 are least played, and remove them. I rarely see people playing sabotage and most of the PRO games are hardly played too.

    Its just common sense. If you dont use something but have something you want to use but not enough room, then something has to give!!

    • Can we just start caling them by a more appropraite name…

      Its “INFINTY WART’… something that needs to be simply forzen and removed yet let ATVI own the Modern Warfare series.  These legal departments dish out craop on the consumer thats unfair daily… its time they started at each other.

  • Lolos52

    Drop zone gives us $hitty players a chance to actually get a care package.. Bring it back

    • Its nice to know Im not the only one who doesnt run cheats and exploits.  To bad Infinity Wart is to involved in their own ego’s to actually do anything REAL about them.  Did you know the last set of exploits they started blocking were ALL brought to their attention by consumers, not their staff delving into things and hunting them out.

      Whie I enjoy the report feature, its like that has given them an excuse to set in their office(s) and play the game versus make it better and more secure.

  • Tjhwong

    agree, we – hong kong gamers like the drop zone most and now getting so disappoint that they took off from the list, we need it back!!!!!!!!

  • They should take off games that no one plays like Sabatoge or something like that.then replace it with Drop Zone..DZ was the only reason I played MW3

  • Infected started off well, but the adjustment for today with 10 minute long game, no throwing knives and sleight of hand to the humans is one of the move ill-conceived concepts i’ve EVER seen in a video game.

    It swings entirely on the integrity of the players to stay in the game when they become ‘infected’.  EVERY game i’ve played tonight has ran the full 10 minutes as the vast majority of people being killed simply quit and rejoin as they only want free kills.  It is the most pathetic thing i’ve EVER seen on a video game.

    It doesn’t speak well for the CoD community.

    •  The worst bit about infected is the fact that once you are up high you can just shoot the infected down. The high points need to be blocked off, make it a more skillfull shooting game. The teamworks becomes more important.

    • Its to bad that they dont care what we think, eh.  Infinity Wart has really become something of an embarrasment to those of us that have served a REAL Call of Duty.

  • Phuskey181

    I stopped playing mw3 soon after it came out cause it was too much like mw2. So I switched to battlefield 3 until I was told about drop zone. It was the best thing on mw3 cause of NO campers. Now that it’s gone back to battlefield 3 I go. At least in that game I can drive vehicles that keeps it interesting. No more mw3 until drop zone comes back

  • Anonymus

    infected is okay but not when people like to camp and get moabs drop zone FTW 

  • I was about to stop playing MW3.  I got so sick of those sniper fagots. Then my son told me about Drop Zone.  I couldn’t stop playing.  Now they took it away.  What a bunch of retards.  I tried to play other modes, but got bored immediately.  I am not going to bother playing until they bring it back.

    • Since they surpassed Avatar for sales of media, I dont think they really care that a few of us are simply done with them.

      Thanks for nothing ‘Infinty WART’.

  • dangy76


  • Richardvalencia7

    i have no idea who the super genius is who decided to get rid of drop zone in favor of infected. but they need to have their head examined. infection SUCKS ……. BRING BACK DROPZONE!!! 

  • Trippinincorona

    I hate richochet anything ….. Because I get my sentry guns and trophy systems knifed by teammates ….. So when drop zone came out it was like a revival for the loss of good games and that’s all I ever play drop zone …… Infected sucks why do I want play michael Myers for ? I deleted someone off my playlist for always sending me invites to play because when I would accept it would always be for infected …. Bring back dropzone and regular hardcore hq not richochet anything

  • Drop Zone is better than infected.  Infected gets boring after a certain amount of time.  Drop Zone is very cool b/c of its variability.  Also The way in which crates are completely randomized makes for very fair game play.  

  • swarr03s

    Cannot believe they would remove Drop Zone for Infected…all the little douchebag kids who like Infected were doing just fine sending thousands of spam messages to get into private lobbies for this TRASH game.

    I will not play MW3 until DROP ZONE is restored!

  • Jeff Elmore

    Definitely need to bring it back there is no point in infected but just to sit there in my opinion hands down drop zone is the best and gets your weapon levels and xp up quick they made a mistake taking it off. 

  • Tray Caddy

    Dump all the hardcore gamemodes, and bring back dropzone! But infected will do until or if they bring it back.

  • Larry

    cant believe they took it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best game mode on mw3, they should add it to mw2 or bring some of those maps to mw3 with drop zone

  • Subtleserpeant

    Drop Zone must come back, Infected is garbage, have not played since.  I.W. dropped the ball.

  • Aliwilliam7

    Bring back Drop Zone,At least you dont have to worry about campers.Its so face pace and since Drop Zone been gone havent played MW3.Other gamemodes too slow.

  • weezarc

    I’ve been missing WAR since World at War and would love to see that come back.  If game types are limited, how can they add more game types as part of the DLC as planned without removing existing game types?  So we are paying extra to switch game modes instead of add them?  My vote is for Drop Zone over Infected since Infected just caters to campers trying to get MOABs

  • ii DaDDy GooN

    Just Get Rid Of Infected It Is a One trick ponnie and belongs in private matchs what idiots play infected willing to screw up there k/d ratio

  • Vincemilford

    I love hard core, but the one thing I hear the most is increasing the team size from 6 to at least 8 per team and even going to 12 per team would make for better game play. I have a clan and we know there are others that want to get more members in to a match but cant due to the limited 6. 

  • Team defender should be eliminated IMO. It is utterly boring, and stupid. I played it once. I just took the flag and ran far, far away, and hid.. How boring is that….

  • De_ballew

    Drop Zone is only game mode I enjoy playing. I will never buy or play a game these folks put out on the market.

    • Racki

      These gays are crazy for cancel drop zone. it was the best game in mwf 3. bring it back — soon!!!!

      •  That was really nice information shared by you, i think the guys should be on best game forever.

    • Remember… the maker of this game is called ‘Infinty Wart’.