Medal of Honor 2: Ideas to make sequel better

DICE may be busy with all the various post-release tweaks for Battlefield 3, but don’t forget EA’s other first-person shooter franchise. Medal of Honor 2 is coming this year it seems and it has now been confirmed that an event will take place next month to officially unveil the game.

The news of a sequel shouldn’t be a surprise to current Battlefield 3 owners. The first teaser information regarding a sequel was actually contained inside the retail box for Battlefield 3, and just recently you may have heard that PSM3 is going to feature a FPS sequel on their cover for the next issue.

Now though we can confirm that EA has scheduled an event to take place on March 6th, and all signs are pointing towards the direction that this is solely reserved for Medal of Honor 2. Timing has already been revealed too, with the event taking place at 8.00pm PST, 11pm Eastern Time or 4am for those of you in the UK.

So now that we know that a new game is on the way, how do you feel about it? We’re presuming that development duties will once again be in the hands of Danger Close, who worked on the single player portion, and DICE who specifically built the multiplayer mode. Medal of Honor was given a mixed reception by gamers, although criticisms were made at the rather short duration of the single-player campaign. Having said that, the content within was very good, so fans will be hopefully that a sequel contains a much more deeper campaign, while DICE will probably just build on the successes of Battlefield 3 to make multiplayer as exciting as BF3.

Don’t forget that the new game will be built on the Frostbite 2 engine as well, which is another mouth-watering prospect to look forward to. We felt that Medal of Honor was ‘almost’ a great game, but certain aspects let it down, like framerate and far from impressive graphics. There will be no sign of that with the sequel on Frostbite 2 this time though (on PC anyway!), so there really is a lot of potential with what Danger Close and DICE can do with the game.

If you played the first game, what new features would you like to see for Medal of Honor 2? What do they need to include to secure your pre-order?



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