BF3 patch 1.04 wishlist: PS3 input lag, MAV roadkill fixes

By Alan Ng - Feb 7, 2012

Earlier this week we informed you that DICE had finally issued a major fix to the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 adding proper support for VOIP, but now we have the first details on what the team are working on next and what tweaks are likely to make it into the next update.

While PC gamers continue to play Battlefield 3 with minimum problems, the same cannot really be said for the PlayStation 3 version. There are still one or two lingering problems that are the cause of much frustration amongst console players, this of course aside from the fact that the PC version of the game is lead platform with bigger maps and player support, as well as extras such as Commo Rose which isn’t available on console yet.

On a pleasing note, the long requests for a VOIP fix have now been answered, as the recent 1.03 update specifically aims to target this for all PS3 users. One other issue on the PS3 version that hasn’t been addressed yet though is input lag. For those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s the duration of time that the game takes to register a command on the PS3 dual shock, and countless gameplay videos have demonstrated that both the control and game do not sync at the same time.

To give you an idea of just how serious some people are treating this, there’s even a website that has been set up showing the problem at close hand, plus feedback from DICE so far. This week we have heard from Battlefield community manager Daniel Matros about the input lag problem, and he confirmed that the team are still working on a fix, but unsurprisingly no indication of a release or if it will feature in patch update 1.04.


Other aspects that DICE are looking into for the next update is the MAV and Mortar. Battlefield 3 players will know that the MAV is particularly annoying since it doubles up as a tool for performing roadkills, but it can also be exploited to boost teammates to higher grounds, effectively giving them an advantage over everyone else below.

What are your thoughts on the input lag on PS3, as well as MAV roadkills? Are these two aspects that definitely need to come in patch 1.04? There’s nothing more annoying than playing on Operation Metro on console, to see one player camping at spawn with 24-0, all with MAV roadkills. Let’s hope it gets tweaked sooner rather than later.

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  • Jasonlukecurtis

    what they need to fix is the “no gun glitch” then i can actully play the game 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree with IHateMAV! and Joker80422.  If anything mortars’ damage (at least to infantry) and distance needs to be improved. If a mortar round were to hit a human being, in the reality one mortar ‘should’ do the job.  Otherwise, I’m not sure what you could do to “adjust” the mortar aside from eliminating them entirely. Even if the opposing team can’t physically access the section of the map the mortars are coming from (i.e. during RUSH game play) I can live with the nuisance of mortars just as long as the guy using it can be killed by good distance shooting or an opposing mortar.  As far as the MAV is concerned I’m even OK with people using it as a lift to get to otherwise inaccessible areas, however to use it as a weapon should be eliminated. To make it easier to destroy would be useless given it can be regenerated with an ammo box.  There are countless clips on YouTube of people showing off how to use it to kill and its sickening.

  • Joker80422

    What is the problem with the mortars? If anything I believe those r under powered. I mean if you get hit with a motar you should not get a hit marker but a kill. After all, you get hit with even a smoke round from a mortar then walk away, not happening .

  • IHateMAV!

    Yes of course fix Input lag…But mostly PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix MAV roadkill, 
    1. Its annoying as hell
    2.Recon class is are mostly useless anyway unless they play aggressive…
    3.They dont use the MAV as it should of been used (spotting,Destroy enemy equipment)
    4.Its actually quite hard to shoot them down at medium range and impossible to shoot it at long range…The stinger is pretty damn useless because as soon as they hear a lock on they fly straight down out of your sight -_- or behind a building
    5.even when its shot down the recon can easily get another one instantly by standing near a ammo box.
    6.recons use it to elevate themselves on the highest building and camp…And they don’t even PTFO!
    7.Not to mention that more then half of recons just camp and don’t put there radio beacons near the objectives to capture/destroy it (Rush,Conquest)…Its basically a “Lazy class” Where they camp and do nothing
    8.Even though it might take “skill” To roadkill…how do you feel when your on a good streak, Planting the bomb on Rush then suddenly a flying toaster kills you out of nowhere…
    9.Medics cant revive you when you get killed by them

    • Eastwest312

      the MAV shouldnt be changed if your team sucks it comes in handy,and its easily countered when more then one person at a time trys to take it down

  • Rolande_D

    A few times I’ve had an issue with the game freezing on the multiplayer screen, but never in-game yet. (I’m playing on the PS3). VOIP fix was generally appreciated. What I think has got to be fixed quick are the new weapon glitches where they don’t quite seem to function on certain levels. You still shouldn’t equip the MG36 for instance because it’s still has that issue in some levels.

    Rick, I haven’t quite had that issue although it sounds like a big one. What I have noticed is that if you happen to by playing as the Marines and you switch to one of the standard spetsnaz weapons it continuously switches those weapons each time you switch teams. Seeing as you can unlock the weapons for both factions, I find this incredibly annoying. For instance, equip the M16 when you happen to be playing RU and when you switch to US it’ll by the AK74. It’s confusing, I switched to that weapon because I want to use that, not because I want to play role switch. :p  The same goes for pistols, and is also really annoying. Equip the grach as marines and the next round it’ll switch over.

  • Anonymous

    They need to put in an option to quite out of a match during intermission, instead of having to quit completely out of the game. I don’t know if anyone else has been having this problem lately, but ever since patch 1.02 my PS3 randomly freezes during a match. I have to do a full shutdown and restart. I never had this problem when the game initially came out. Just curious is others are having the same problem. Really glad they finally got the VOIP fixed though. That was just awful before.

  • I hope they fix the Customization issue as well, where your load out settings do not carry into the next game.
    nothing like spawning for the first time in a new round with the wrong weapons CONSISTENTLY!
    I can change my guns in Customization but it doesnt save……….
    OH and riding thr4 MAV to roof tops otherwise unreachable, total BS!