Street Fighter X Tekken: Revealing character move lists

Last week we told you that Akuma and Ogre may be ‘surprise’ entrants in Street Fighter X Tekken, and now it looks like both characters have now been confirmed for the game. Perhaps more exciting for you though, full move lists for almost the entire character roster for the game has been revealed as well.

We’re not sure how this information has been revealed since the game is not out until March, but we’re sure you won’t care too much about it. Screenshots have appeared out of Taiwan with the juicy information once again confirming to those who have not been keeping up with the latest character reveals and rumors, that M.Bison, Akuma, Ogre and Jin are the latest characters to be confirmed for the game.

We’re obviously not going to post the move list screenshots here since Capcom are probably not too happy about them being on the internet right now, but you will find all the information you require over at ShoryuKen. There’s even move lists for PS3 exclusive characters Kuro, Toro and Cole, revealing that the two supers for the inFAMOUS character will be known as ‘Shockwave’ and ‘Iconic Vortex’.

Once you’ve taken a look at the images, you’ll see that there’s no move lists for Pac-man or Megaman yet, another two characters that will appear exclusively on the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game. If you are planning to pick up the crossover brawler when it lands on console on March 6, then we highly recommend you save these images somewhere so you can learn the moves prior to release, especially if Capcom decide to pull the images this week.

Are you surprised that Ogre has been included in the game? We’ve put a gameplay clip below from Tekken Tag 2 if you need a reminder of the beast’s fighting style. The roster still isn’t complete yet of course, so tell us who you would still like to see in the game.



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