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Samsung Superbowl XLVI Ad shows no love for Apple, again

If you thought Samsung were finished with their sneaky commerical digs at Apple, you are mistaken. The company has launched their latest attack, picking one of the world’s biggest sporting events to do so – the 2012 Superbowl which has now been won by the New York Giants.

The last time we saw Samsung bash Apple in a commercial was when the company reminded the world that Apple’s iPhones are still not 4G supported, in reference to the latest release from Apple, the iPhone 4S.

Apple then launched a Christmas iPhone 4S ad of their own, but there was no sign of any revenge from the company. Now during the Super Bowl XLVI, Samsung released their latest advertisement, which touted the US release for the Galaxy Note device. During the ad, we see the lines ‘freedom’ being shouted by new Samsung Note owners, who Samsung portray to be waiting in a boring queue for their iPhone.

The message we see at the end is the most prominent though, with Samsung making a point to suggest that ‘the next big thing is already here again’. There’s also another standout point right at the end of the video where we see a character state the words ‘well that was over the top’.

Compare to this new ad and the one we saw about the iPhone 4S not having 4G – We didn’t see too many blatent pokes at Apple this time around. They are still referencing the typical iPhone crowds though in every ad, so we have a feeling that it won’t be long until we see Apple issue a little payback. As for the purpose of the ad, the Samsung Galaxy Note will soon be available to buy on AT&T on February 19th, where it will be priced at $299 on a two year contract.

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s Super Bowl ad? Do you enjoy seeing these ‘humorous’ pokes at Apple, or do you think it is slightly petty from Samsung?



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