Final Fantasy XIII-2: To be continued with DLC, likely

By Alan Ng - Feb 6, 2012

We have some further details to bring you now on the recent Final Fantasy XIII-3 whispers that have started to emerge, following on from the mystery surrounding the ending to Final Fantasy XIII-2. Recent comments from Square-Enix now suggest that we may not be getting an immediate sequel after all.

We told in a previous report how Final Fantasy XIII-2 contains multiple endings, one of which suggests that the story does not come to an complete ending. At the time, we also mentioned about how the story could be expanded via paid-for DLC content, and now it looks like this could well turn out to be a possibility, albeit a controversial one.

Motomu Toriyama, the director for the game was asked to clarify what the ‘to be continued’ message means, at a recent event in Taipei, and according to a report from Andria Sang, the message refers to the multiple endings featured in the games, but also and more crucially – that Square-Enix has plans to continue the story via DLC.

While we’re a fan of seeing multiple endings in video game, ever since Silent Hill on the PS1, we’re not sure if making gamers pay for this content would be such a good idea. The idea of DLC for a Final Fantasy game is bad enough for some fans, but making gamers spend more cash just to see the core storyline come to a conclusion could push some over the edge.

Don’t forget though, comments can often be misunderstood when taken from Japan, so don’t get too disheartened just yet. DLC is definitely coming though, so that’s one aspect that you’ll have to contend with. Coliseum battles for Lightning will be arriving this week, so let us know if you intend to pick this up straight away, or if you are totally against the idea of having DLC for the game.

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  • sklogw

    i can’t believe this is the course square enix decided to take. i dislike all DLC. not once did i find it to be worth what i had spent. i’m a hardcore final fantasy fan. i own them all. even some ntsc-j’s…but this has gone too far…

    i mean $90 on a collector’s edition that i can’t even totally finish without paying even more? really? i promise i wouldnt’ve purchased the collector’s(might’ve even skipped this title entirely) if i had known about any of this. i’m definitely not the only one that feels cheated. i don’t even care much to ‘finish’ the game now…

    square enix needs to fire some people. plain and simple…