Final Fantasy X HD: Remaster claims will break hearts

By Alan Ng - Feb 6, 2012

We have something of a bombshell to drop now, and it’s disappointing news we have to say. For those of you hoping that the upcoming Final Fantasy X HD game will be a proper remake, Square-Enix has apparently come out and said that the game will actually just be an HD ‘remaster’.

Square-Enix has kept fans guessing on the actual quality of the game ever since a PlayStation 3 and PS Vita version was announced, although producer Yoshinori Kitase had us all fooled into thinking the game would be a remake after recent comments in a German interview.

Now though, Shinji Hashimoto from Square spoke in a recent interview with Taiwanese website GNN Gamer during a Final Fantasy XIII-2 event in the country. When specifically asked if the game would be a full remake or HD upgrade such as the Metal Gear Solid HD Collections, here is what he had to say, as reported from Siliconera:

“It’s being developed as an HD Remaster, but the visuals will be much more beautiful than before. Please look forward to it!”

We hope that his quote is the victim of a bad Japanese translation, but if not it looks likely that the remake idea will never happen. Just how good will the game end up looking though? We were hoping for completely remade visuals from the ground up, but we may be treated to just updated visuals to 720p instead.

The answer will come as soon as we see the first gameplay footage, so it’s too early to overlook the game already. So on the basis that it is just an HD remaster, should gamers have to pay the full price of a PS3 and Vita game for it, or will Square-Enix discount it straight away to make the game more appealing? Then there’s the little matter on if the game will include the International Version as well which featured more content, and if Final Fantasy X-2 will be bundled as well.

If you were really looking forward to this game being a full remake, let us know your thoughts now that it may just turn out to be a remaster. Still buying or not?

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  • GuEsT

    Depends on the price… But ultimately, I will probably buy it, as I never did finish playing it the first time around… got as far as the Lightning place (thunder plains?) then put it aside and … went on to play other things. I should also say, I get into games a year or two after it comes out… Just catching up on PS3 games as I just got my PS3 in January, so to have a classic come out is great. Also, the Final Fantasy series is a weakness of mine. I have FF games for all my consoles–PS2, PS3, PSP, DSi,… (except xbox 360… and my iPod…)