PSN maintenance causing error code 80023102

By Gary Johnson - Feb 5, 2012

The Sony PlayStation Network has been hitting the headlines quite a bit in the last few days, as only yesterday we told you about the upcoming rebranding of the service. Late last week the service was down for a few days for some more routine maintenance, but this work on the PSN service is causing the error code 80023102 for some users.

There have been many users taking to the European PlayStation forums complaining of the new problem, and according to GamesBeat users download lists are not now accessible and no content can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

The trouble is many games now require an online pass to activate multiplayer content, or in some cases to unlock some single player content, so no store access is a major headache. The storefront is still available and items can be purchased, they just can’t be downloaded to user’s consoles.

Users have been reporting that they get the “No content was found”, and the error code 80023102. The problem has been reported in the UK and other European countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand. It seems that currently the American Store is working correctly.

Community Moderator SuperFastZombie has responded a couple of times about the problem and has confirmed the problem is known about and a fix is being worked on. While UK Community Team member Yaster, has said that the problem has been identified, but a fix has not yet been found. Users are being reassured that once fixed all previous content will again be available.

Have you had any issues since the routing maintenance a couple of days ago?

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  • Shawn78

    In the usa and having issues with this error also bout to give up on ps3 all together and buy a 360 they dont seem to have this many problems!!!!

  • christine burche

    has there been a fix to this issue? my UK friend is still having problems getting his Uncharted3 online pass to work again… apparently, it doesnt show up in his “download list” and he gets the 80023102 error.  can anyone help; is there a workaround for this issue?  thanks 🙂

    • Sajawal

      Mine has just started working now so it might be fine again

  • Pedipranta

    I thought that was a problem for the whole Europe. I guess just me and many others “lucky” ones, are having this problem. 
    At least this isn´t just a Portugal problem. Since UK is affected I think this problem will soon be gone.

  • Oo

    I thought it was just me,this is the first bit of info i have found,thank you

  • Abc

    Once again Sony demonstrate their inability to runan online business reliably…Well done…and Heeeeere’s Microsoft…Yipee!!