Instagram app for Android: Demand causes frenzy

By Gary Johnson - Feb 4, 2012

While the Android Market has grown rapidly in recent times there are still many applications available to iOS users that Android users would love to have access too. One of these is the free Instagram app that currently has millions of iPhone fans using it. Users can easily create and share photos using a number of effects to the images. Now demand for the Instagram app for Android causes frenzy among some users.

Back in December it was reported by Mashable that Instagram was developing the app for the Android platform, with the company suggesting that its user base could double once the application is released. There was no release date given at the time except that it would be available by the end of 2012. This followed the iOS version receiving a major update that provided live filters, high-res photos, instant tilt-shift, and a slicker experience.

CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, said at the time the company was looking to expanding the network, and there were two people working on the Android version. Last month though rumors emerged that the Windows Phone platform would receive the Instagram application before it launched on Android.

An article over at Digital Trends is reporting that sources are claiming that a team from the Windows Phone platform is working with Instagram. Systrom would only comment on the already announced Android app. The WP7 platform has struggled to compete with Android and iOS with quality content, but if the Instagram app does hit the platform before Android it will be disappointing for its users.

A couple of days ago it was reported by Intomobile that while developers on both the Android and WP7 platforms had created third party alternatives, Instagram is blocking access to an uploading API that means the apps can’t provide a major part of the Instagram experience.

A developer asked Instagram to change this policy while looking to create a third party app for the Windows Phone, but unfortunately had no joy. The developer’s app along with many others can’t upload images or allow users to register, as the Instagram registration is in-app only. This will mean that third party apps can only provide the standard feed of images along with popular ones around the world, so the developer abandoned the app.

Instagram doesn’t make it clear why third party apps are denied access to vital APIs, but is likely to be because of the plans to launch on both the Android and Windows Phone platforms. Meanwhile while users wait for Instagram to launch on Android some members of the Android Forums have offered some alternatives already available.

These include the likes of Streamzoo, Lightbox, and in some users eyes PicPlz is the closest thing to Instagram currently. Do you know of anything better? Are you looking forward to Instagram launching on Android?

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  • Headtotoepolo

    When I try to upload a photo. It says “photo is too small.” Please help!

  • parem de prometer e cumpram

  • promises

  • Pixlr-o-matic is also an awesome alternative. But INSTAGRAMMMM for Android please hurry!

  • Kris

    Vignette. Free version is low res, paid version offers high res. Both versions offer the same filters. I share to fb and flickr.

  • Rebecca

    HUrry!Finish it for ANDROID:)

  • Anne

    Please hurry with the app! Instagram is an awesome app!

  • Jillian

    I REALLY  think you should finish the app….SOON! That way I can use it….NOW! Oh and um… the app is really cool and I don’t want to buy and iPhone when I have the HTC EVO 3D so yeah

  • Pierce Steven32

    Hurry up and finish it for android

  • Shelby

    Def cant wait, looking forward to it… Please dont let us down guys-sg II Lte

  • Imbored15

    I want instagram! -motorola triumph

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait. -Motorola Droid Bionic

  • U4M

    Systrom is an obvious Apple snob and so are a lot of Instagram users. Too bad because it’s a good app and the social aspect had some real potential, but by keeping it Apple-only for so long he’s pretty much ensured that Android users won’t be welcomed by the IG community if and when they finally port it over.

  • Dbarcelo09

    I want Intagram – Galaxy SII

  • I’m another Android convert from iPhone and, yes, I was initially disappointed at the lack of Instagram app. But then I discovered Mobli and I can honestly say I won’t be going back should Instagram appear on Android Market. Simple reason being that people are more likely to get involved. For example, my first 20 pics on Instagram had about 30 views and only a couple of people bothered to “like” them. On Mobli the first 20 pics had over a 1,000 views and had around 40 “likes”. No contest really, plus if I ever go back to iPhone Mobli is there waiting.

  • Rarebliss

    Ive been waiting for what feels like forever! I’m happy to no longer be an iPhone user but I miss Instagram!!

  • Aimee Ortiz

    Or.. if Instagram could partner up with other picture sharing apps… that would be great. Like picplz (or any photo-sharing app) for example, if they could be an option on there for adding pics to Instagram… that would rock my world and I would use BOTH apps. I don’t want to have to wait until the end of 2012!!!!!!!

  • Aimee Ortiz

    I loveeee Instagram on iPhone & iPod touches! It look soooo cool and it’s so easy to use. All my friends have one but I can’t use it on my Android! ): Meanwhile, I’m sending pics to my friends to put on my Instagram for me. I have Instaroid and I HATE IT! It would considered “ok” if it would just let me upload pics!I just want to be able to upload SOMETHING right now!!! Instaroid lets me do everything else but uploads. ): and sometimes it doesn’t even let me like, comment, or follow people because it always says “fail to request…” It’s stupid. I want Instagram for Android.. NOW!!!!!!!

  • I’m not sure why people like this app. Instagram makes people’s pics look terrible. Phone manufacturers spend millions on putting better cameras on cell phones with higher megapixels and better sensors, then people do the exact opposite and download an app like instagram which makes your pics look noisy and grainy and washed out. They look like they were taken with a cheap disposable camera from 30 years ago. Have you ever seen someone take a pic of food using instagram? Not very appetizing!

    • ElJefe

      Tony… one doesn’t have to choose a filter of any kind. And many don’t. You’ve apparently only viewed Instagram photos that’ve been filtered with its own options.

      • Sounds like you have a point there. Thanks for the info.


    • Anonymous

      That’s just the nature of people, I guess. I feel like a lot of technology users are kind of disenchanted with the perfection of technology, so any step/app/filter to make it look like some human-hand process was involved is desirable to some folks.

      Instagram and other apps like it strive to give digital photos a handmade, analog look, even if it involves having the photo look overprocessed and grainy. Instagram does have a pretty neat tilt-shift/blurring feature that keeps the overall quality of the photo intact.
      I think it also gives the user a similar excitement to the feeling of getting that roll of film processed, too. Developing film is way more fun and exciting, but it’s the same idea I suppose!