Apple may be looking to take on the PS4 and Xbox 720

By Gary Johnson - Feb 4, 2012

There has been a lot of talk in the last few months surrounding the next gaming hardware from both Microsoft and Sony. Now there are rumors that Apple may be looking to beat the PS4 and Xbox 720 at their own game.

It s being reported that Apple has taken on Robin Burrowes who was at Microsoft for several years in charge of the marketing efforts for Xbox Live. According to Benzinga this is not the first appointment Apple has made from the gaming sector, as previously they hired Nick Grange from Activision.

In some people’s eyes these appointments seem minor but Benzinga believes something more may be going on at Apple. The company is reportedly in the process of developing a HDTV, and could be pushed as a definitive entertainment device.

Currently the App Store hasn’t really got the capabilities to offer other features such as multiplayer gaming at a higher level than what is available now. Many users play games on their iPhone or iPad, but are mainly playing solo, and is far from the Xbox Live experience.

To win over the gaming public from the likes of Microsoft Apple will need to provide a set top box device or a TV with something built in to compete with the next Xbox. Apple fans will argue that the company has no real need to offer such a product, but others will say that if Apple still wants to transform consumer’s living room they will.

Normally when Apple enters an already established market they completely raise the bar with what’s on offer. Much recent talk about the Apple TV has been about non-interactive features, such as TV networks. But consumers already have those and to convince people to purchase new expensive HDTVs Apple will have to provide something that is a game changer.

The App Store as it stands won’t be enough and Apple will be aware of this, so they will have to convince consumers any new device will do away with the need for anything else. Xbox Live has provided Microsoft with a nice revenue stream, and surely Apple would like a piece of the action.

If Apple were to provide an Xbox Live type service users won’t really be interested in playing Angry Birds style games, and anyway most games on the App Store are more suited to mobile gaming. This is why Apple may release a TV set that will provide the company a bigger slice of the games market, and it may hope many gamers decide there is no need to own a separate games console.

An Apple TV with gaming content that can easily match the next gen consoles could prove pretty tempting to some consumers, and it would be unlikely for Apple to launch a new product half heartedly. Do you think Apple will launch a TV with built-in gaming?

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  • jswalker95

    if apple does do this they will probably make a app store that is built for the hardcore gamer. like the mac app store was built for the mac only the new app store will have games that are more like what the xbox and ps3 offer, not what mobile devices offer

  • Sam

    I play angry birds on my iPhone when I’m on the go. At home I fireup Skyrim or MW3 to play on my TV, not f*** angry birds. So Apple get the f**** out!

    • Dp197777

      Um… that’s the whole point of the article. That apple won’t be doing games like angry birds.

  • Are we still talking about the PS4? Do you realize we haven’t yet utilized the possibilities of the PS3? Although it would be very interesting for Apple to enter the market… Could only benefit us!

  • Apple vs Microsoft vs Sony??? That would be interesting. Poor Nintendo! hahahahah

  • Blett70

    Apple will never replace my xbox or xbox live in no way shape or form. Now I can se them doing well with a handheld gaming console more in line with a psvita. They already have most of the tec. To make a succesfull stab at it. But microsoft hase the home intertainment market in a head lock by a long shot

  • I think it’s possible. Apple has a way of slipping in and competing before competitors even realize it. If sales really take off, then this could pick up momentum.

  • Scottandywilliams

    They are no match for Sony, never will be for gaming… Or Microsoft for that matter 🙂

  • Pikeing-74

    I will just stay with Xbox No need to change

  • Cant see it happening , who would get tied up in an apple games console and which developes would support it anyway ?