Xbox 720 to share with Windows 8 platform, may be Xbox 8

By Gary Johnson - Feb 3, 2012

Earlier today we told you about some of the impressive new features with the next Windows Phone 8 operating system. This follows some of the features that have been revealed about the PC Windows 8 operating system. Now it seems that the Xbox 720 release will see it share information with the Windows 8 platform, and may be even called the Xbox 8.

An insider at Microsoft has revealed that Windows 8 will feature an application similar to the one that is found now on the current Windows Phone platform. This allows users to search for games, TV shows, music, apps, and movies for their Xbox 360. Now according to a report on Examiner a new cloud type service will allow users to share content such as movies and music across the next Xbox, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8.

Xbox Live games will be available across all three platforms but currently it is not known how much integration and compatibility is planned. Information such as data usage and missed calls will be shared via a synched PC. For now it is not known if the same type of information will find its way to the next Xbox as well.

The current Xbox has the same Metro interface as Windows 7.5 Mango and Windows 8 after the dashboard was updated back in December. The company is obviously looking to integrate its three top products together, which is something Apple has successfully managed to achieve.

Meanwhile a report over at ThisisXbox is saying that while many reports have suggested the next console from Microsoft will be known as the Xbox 720, there is a chance that the company is thinking of calling it the Xbox 8. A source is claiming that many developers have already received developer units of hardware but in an alpha non-console form.

Before the next Xbox has been labeled with the Infinity and Loop codenames, but are believed to be for online services of the actual console. Infinity is supposedly an improved version of Xbox Live, and will be used for digital downloads for all three platforms. Infinity could also eventually find its way into future HDTVs.

Meanwhile Xbox Loop is the codename for a service that will bring digital content from the current gen into the next gen. Do you think Microsoft will call the next gen console the Xbox 8?

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  • Toddquest

    The New Xbox (3rd Gen.)

  • Xbox 8… Interesting! Although, where would they go from there? 

  • I would avoid linking the xbox into the whole microsoft brand image which is currently not a great one . . .

  • I think the naming of the next Xbox is a hard one… with MS wanting a connectivity between all 3 applications, it’s like they are making it one brand. Xbox 8 fits in line with Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8 because it will use a version of the same software.

    The problem I think Microsoft face is that Xbox 3, sounds like a step backwards considering we have Xbox 360 and a PS3. It’s the same reason why Xbox 360 was not called Xbox 2, because with Sony releasing a PS3, Xbox 2 would not have been a good marketing decision. 

    Xbox 720, a good name, but could seem to associated with Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7.5 maybe – so I see why the term Xbox 8 could be more of a step forward.

    I’d love to see Xbox allow a global community vote on the next name…  I remember when Natal was named Kinect, I hated that name, but now we’re all used to it.

  • Xbox 8 does not sound right.  And it doesn’t make much sense.  Not much of what Microsoft does makes sense.

    It would be a very bad idea having the Xbox 720 running the same platform as as Windows 8.  Because the technology in the CONSOLE sucks, it would make it worse running a platform in the background.

    If they go with one of the rumors I heard:
    Xbox 720 – THAT SUCKS
    Xbox 720 Extreme – THAT DOESN’T SUCK AS MUCH

    Then they might be able to put a Windows 8 platform on the console.