MW3 Elite DLC: PS3 release date set, PC users left in limbo

By Alan Ng - Feb 3, 2012

If you happen to Call of Duty Elite account on the PlayStation 3, we finally have some good news for you. Activision has just announced a date for when the first DLC content drop will be available, offering the same two maps that launched for Xbox 360 Elite members last month.

For those of you that are not aware, the first two maps that are coming to the PS3 are the Liberation and Piazza maps. They are already available on the Xbox 360 but at least PS3 owners with an Elite account will now be able to experience the rarity of having new maps on PS3 before non-Xbox 360 Elite members.

The date that you need to mark down is Tuesday February 28, as that’s when they will be available to download from the PlayStation Store. That leaves 18 more content drops to land before the end of the year, but you have to feel for PC owners just a little bit. Activision has inexplicably left PC gamers out of the Elite party, so there’s no indication on when PC gamers will be able to enjoy the new content.

Then of course for non-Elite Modern Warfare 3 players, there’s no date for Liberation and Piazza regardless. We’re guessing Activision will make the content available for a fee sometime in March, but by that time Elite members on Xbox 360 may even have the second content drop already which is going to be a hard pill to swallow.

What are your thoughts on Activision’s DLC release strategy for Modern Warfare 3? Are you a fan of these smaller content drops, or did you prefer the old method of larger map packs? Don’t forget to check out a previous report, which hinted on the possibility of older maps featuring in the game at some point.

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  • Wolverine_1974

    I paid $99.99 + tax to get content before others and I still have to wait. What a crock. I think that if you bought the Harden or Elite version for PS3 you should get it at the same time XBox drops theirs regardless of who owns the DAMN rights. We paid for it!   

  • newworldorgone

    Well if Activision wasn’t hated enough for their deal with Microsoft, now they’re doing this…it’s like they want us to hate them. Also, a month after 360 got the maps, and the first Tuesday, would be February 21, so really they’re making us wait more than a month. I’m also not going to be able to play these maps on Ground War (Big Team) until probably very late April because they didn’t make an Elite Ground War game mode, it’s really like they want us to hate them. People need to be fired, the incompetency is potent.

  • Vincemilford

    What I think is that Elite Members of ps3 should be ticked off like me because we were told we would get dlc every month. Well what happened to Jan dlc, never saw one… xbox did but ps3 and pc elite got nothing. That is a breach of contract or at least false advertising. I think a consumer advocate group should sue and ask for compensation for the lie.   

  • I agree with Mario as far as Premium Elite members, regardless of the platform they use.  We showed great faith in Infinity Ward thru purchasing Preimum membership, yet I dont feel very ‘premium’, we bought the game in good faith that the graphics would be far superior only to find out its the same but now in 1080P… with ZERO support for us that have 3D capable televisions.  No wonder the PS3 TV is tanking so bad.  The consumers are supporting this movement LARGELY but thats about it.

    Beyond that, I ask for one map with three words (all the same):


  • Marioocartagena

    Contents should be out at the same time we are paying the same money for the same service an yet we are gonna get it one while month late?