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Initial Windows Phone 8 Apollo specs list impresses

Microsoft unveiled major improvements to their Windows Phone operating system when they released version 7.5 Mango to users towards the end of the last year. Now the first ‘official’ details on the next major version ‘Apollo’ have been revealed and we have a list of exciting features that Windows Phone owners can look forward to seeing in Windows Phone 8.

There is a lot of juicy information to get through, and it comes courtesy of a report published by PocketNow who have intercepted a video intended for Nokia and have in turn a core list of specs for Window 8, which we’re guessing Microsoft had no intention of making public for some time.

For starters, it looks like Windows Phone 8 Apollo will have support for multiple processors – at last. As you know, Mango is restricted to a single-core processor at the moment so we can say that this was one feature that was inevitable anyway. One exciting feature which you probably didn’t know was coming is NFC. The source mentions that Windows Phone 8 devices will soon be able to exchange data with each other simply by tapping each other – a feature which will operate in a similar way to the Android Beam feature on Ice Cream Sandwich.

Another major feature that will make its long awaited appearance on Windows Phone is support for removable MicroSD cards. Fans of Skype will also be pleased to hear that Microsoft will include a new Skype client that will feature ‘deep integration’ with Windows Phone 8, which will improve calling experience with friends even more.

If you think Windows Phone 7.5 is currently miles behind the likes of Android and iOS, then it looks like Windows Phone 8 is going to do a great job in trying to play catch up. NFC and MicroSD support will be met with excitement amongst current owners we feel, while it just may make those who were previously intrigued by Windows Phone, a lot more interested.

You can read the scoop over at PocketNow here. Are you impressed with this initial Windows Phone 8 feature list? More importantly, do you think Microsoft will be able to overcome their difficulties and make Windows Phone one of the most popular operating systems in the industry?



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