Best PS Vita bundle so far offers free 8GB memory card

By Alan Ng - Feb 3, 2012

Earlier this week we spoke about Sony discounting digital copies of PS Vita games on their PlayStation Network, and now we have some great news for those of you who are planning to pick up a new handheld in the UK at the end of this month.

We often see the case where US consumers get all the best deals and UK gamers are left out of the party, but we have spotted a deal now which a lot of you in the UK will be interested in, and it comes from retailer Amazon and their new 3G and WiFi PS Vita bundles.

We can tell you that the retailer are offering a free 8GB memory card as well as a selected game for just £15 when you order either a 3G or WiFi PS Vita at full price. From what we have seen so far, this is the first time we’ve seen an 8GB card thrown in there, while the game offer is pretty decent too.

You’ll have to pick from a select list but there are some very good games to choose from. Rayman Origins will sell at full price for £32.99, as will Virtua Tennis 4 at £34.99, but both of these games quality for the £15 offer. The rest of the games included on the list are Michael Jackson: The Experience, Dungeon Hunter Alliance, Lumines and Asphalt Injection.

For those of you wondering what happens to those of you that already have a Vita pre-ordered with Amazon, don’t worry. Amazon has also stated that the deal still applies to you, and that Amazon will be sending out promo and redemption codes to get the free memory card with their pre-order as well.

This looks like the best UK PS Vita deal so far to us, but have you seen any better? Looks like GAME, GameStation and others will now have to up the stakes as Amazon is leading the way for best value at the moment.

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  • Rufe

    My local HMV (Cambridge) are doing a deal instore where you can get Uncharted/Fifa for free when you pre-order the Vita at full price for both Wifi and 3G versions. Amazon’s deal is appealing but the games choices are a little limited from my view… 

  • Killstreakdemon

    Amazon uk may have this offer but i still cancelled my pre-order with them when i found out that the rest of Amazon in Europe get the PS Vita pre-order pack and us in the UK dont! Its just a poor substitute for that I think. Anyway, i shooped around and got my new pre-order from PLAY.COM.

    I got the Vita, 8GB Card, Uncharted; GA AND the free pre-order pack for £270. They also have the other 3G Vita but that obviously costs more.

  • Its a fair offer but i reckon i will wait for a few months and the price will crash !!