Sony losses deepen may affect PS4

By Gary Johnson - Feb 2, 2012

Sony has recently launched its latest hardware the PS Vita in Japan that has got off to a slow start, but now seems to have turned the corner a little. The device is set to launch in other regions in a few weeks and Sony will be hoping for some good sales, as the company’s losses deepen and it makes you wonder if it may affect the PS4 release.

Sony has said it now expects to lose almost $3 billion in its current financial year leading up to next month. This is more than double its target set only three months ago, and its sale of the share of the LCD partnership with Samsung. The flooding in Thailand has also had a part in the losses according to PC World.

Some of its product lines such as the Bravia, Vaio, and Walkman ranges have seen sales slide during the busy October to December period. Meanwhile a report over at VG247 is saying that the PS3 managed extra 200,000 sales compared to the previous year, a total of 6.5 million. Ahead of the PS Vita the PSP saw a drop in sales along with the PS2.

With these reported losses it makes you wonder how much cash Sony will want to invest in the development of the next PlayStation. The company would have obviously already begun working on the device and committed money to it. But Sony has reportedly lost a lot at first with the PS3 that took a while to gain momentum.

Kazuo Hirai will soon be taking the reins and with his background in gaming may mean some exciting times ahead for fans of the PlayStation platform. The debate surrounding the release of the PS4 continues with recent rumors suggesting it could be quite a while yet before it enters the market.

Do you think these big losses will have any bearing on the PS4?

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  • Laughing Gravy

    Johnson, you really are an m$ fanboy. In the last few days you have written a couple of anti Sony pieces, both of them ridiculous! The last one basically said that higher polygon counts in games would be detrimental to gameplay. This article isn’t any better either. Your assumption that Sony’s manufacturing output would be affected by quarterly results is just plain dumb. The only thing that affected Sony in any way was a series of natural disasters, which is exactly what you are as a journalist. And you actually get paid for this trash?!

    • Derps

       the same could be said about the sony nob gobblers like yourself. sony does no wrong sony can only do right. god forbid someone point out sony as a company’s short comings which are real and something to be worried about without getting jumped on my some cocksnot shouting anti sony bias.

      • Laughing Gravy

        I’m sorry but it’s M$ that have ruined the industry for everyone. Bringing their negative practices to the market. The industry as a whole is in decline and it just so happens that it began when M$ entered the market. We now have endless FPS’s PC style RPG’s and no innovation. I would laugh my head off if Apple put them out of business tomorrow, at least we could play some games with some fresh ideas. Learn how to spell knob before you throw insults around. It’s better for some people to to keep their mouths’ shut and appear stupid than open it and banish any doubt.

    • candymanisking

       ya ms fanboys r lame .. and sony has what a trilion + in reserve money the company dont even use who cares … lol

      •  your not very bright and dont know anything about the overall health of sony… do your is a small company compared to Microsoft and say apple… go see how much cash each company has, see how much each company is worth…you will be surprised.