Skyrim: PS3 patch 1.4 will be memory and performance orientated

By Alan Ng - Feb 2, 2012

As we told you in an earlier report which highlighted the upcoming Creation Kit and Steam Workshop for Skyrim, we’re pleased to say that patch 1.4 has now moved out of beta status and is available to download in full for all PC users on Steam.

At the moment, patch 1.4 isn’t available for consoles yet but Bethesda has also dropped a status update on when we can expect the highly anticipated update to land on consoles. The developer has stated on their official blog that they are now planning to submit patch 1.4 to both Sony and Microsoft before the end of the week, which means it won’t be long until it’s available to download on console and with a bit of luck – this may happen next week.

So what sort of changes can we expect to see in the huge patch update when it drops this month? Bethesda has detailed a full changelog for their 1.4 patch update for the PC version, but we can see that the developer has also listed specific changes that will be coming to console as well.

For example, PS3 users should be able to see a ”Long term play optimization for memory and performance” in patch 1.4, while Bethesda has also apparently fixed another specific PS3 issue where clothing and armor would not display correctly when placed on mannequins. These are the only two specific PS3 changes, but the rest of the update notes include fixes for the Xbox 360 and PC platforms as well.

If you are having a problem on a particular quest, it’s a good idea to read through the full changelog here to see if the problem has been solved in the patch 1.4. Having looked through all the changes, it’s clear that Bethesda are making patch 1.4 a very memory-orientated update. There are numerous changes which will have an impact on performance and memory, so fingers crossed that this is the update that finally makes your version of Skyrim 100% stable.

How is your gameplay experience so far? Is everything fine or do you need patch 1.4 badly?

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  • Jamster126

    I really hope this fixes the ps3 version….lag started to set in month ago so said i would wait for the fix.

  • Dova King

    My PS3 copy of Skyrim was fine at first, but I did put some serious playtime onto it right out of the gates, and once my save files started getting stupid huge, I got terrible lag and freezing.  Then I started getting phantom glitch surfaces randomly jetting off of the ground and off people.  You can walk through them, but sometimes they make it impossible to navigate through tight quarters.  Turning off auto saves helped, as did managing my save files.  It’s now pretty much unplayable…it reminds me of the first days after New Vegas’ release.  I’ve heard some positive feedback from some of the PC users…I hope I’m as fortunate. 

  • angryersmell

    I have it for PS3 and haven’t had a problem, other than minor glitches that are to be expected, especially after 10 times the amount of playing time you usually get out of most games (e.g., once a dragon corpse fell through the ground; I reloaded and it was fine. That was by far the worst thing I’ve experienced). The only reason I’m waiting for the patch is to ensure I can play well past the 200 hour mark. I feel bad for everyone having issues, because you’re missing out on what is one of the top RPGs of all time. Don’t give up just yet.

  • I don’t need it, almost 200 hours with 10mb save on PS3, it plays fine. Clean up your HDD by deleting demos, videos and anything else you don’t need and in most cases it will play better. I do have a few completed quests that are frozen in quest log and my mannequins don’t work properly, but other than that it plays well. 

  • Dj_holliman_28

    I can’t even play my main character on the 360 because the file save is so huge it takes it 15 mins just to load the map. takes 30 just to load a town. its a huge hassle to play the game so i started a new character and at 80ish saves i run into the same problem. i’ve download the game to the 360 and it helped a little just not enough. so this update will eather allow me to play or will make me play bf3 tell its fixed. kinda sucks i only need 2 more dragon priest mask…….

    • angryersmell

      “80ish” saves? How about you delete 75 of them or so, then maybe it won’t be so bad, what with half your HDD freed up.

  • Waiting

    I need this patch.  And, after reading the changelog, the next one as well.  I cannot play the game. After twenty minutes or so, it freezes, Farkus wont leave me alone, and multiple quests are broken.  Such a great game, but SO many issues.

  • Matchbox

    i agree joeygee,  i have 100 hours in, and maybe 4 freezes the entire time.  ive had other bugs like the backwards flying dragon and the giant that smacked me to the stars, but those arent game breakers.  this game is awesome!

  • Diem

    A friend bought the game for me on the PS3 in early January. I did not start experiencing any issues with the game until my save file hit 8 megs, since then, it has become completely unplayable. Thirty seconds after I load the game, it freezes and I have to do a hard restart of the the system. Deleting game data will only fix the issue for about half a meg or so then I run into the same issues. I have been waiting three weeks for this patch to come out, at this point, to play.

    Another friend let me borrow the game on the 360, just because I wanted to see if the issues were isolated to my console, and when I hit 1 gig on a save, the freezing began again.

    I have turned off all auto saves, deleted all files for the game that are not important to game play and anything else I can think of and was told would alleviate the problems. I know it’s a bit of a roulette wheel on who deals with major playability issues  and who does not, but I experienced it on both systems and that is incredibly frustrating. Perhaps the age of my systems is not helping, I do not know. The PS3 (80 Gig BC)is from 2007 and the XBox (Elite) is as well.

    If I had been able to replace my motherboard before tax season I likely would have just gotten it on PC … though, despite what fanboys of consoles/PCs will tell you, I know this is not really a single platform issue. I’ve known and read of people on all platforms having problems. I just hope this patch can fix them once and for all or minimize them greatly.

  • Joeygee0531

    Everything is perfectly fine for me on ps3. It lags maybe once a week but I don’t think I’ve ever owned a game that didn’t at some point. I often wonder if some lag on some consoles is due to lack of memory. Kinda like a computer gets bogged down when most HD space is gone. Maybe not. Either way it’s fine here & the greatest game *I’ve* ever played.

    • I agree 100%. Hard Drive space has almost everything to do with it. 

      • Mike Haggar

        I’m at just over 300 hours.  Save file is 16MB.  I have 165GB free out of 298GB available.  My PS3 slim is just over a year old maybe.  My experience has been plagued with freezes due to this game, and half of them resulting in forcing a shutdown via 10 second power button hold.  Over half the drive is still available.  I don’t think there’s anything I can do to fix the issue besides wait for the patch.