PS Vita making progress in Japan, 3DS still untouchable

By Alan Ng - Feb 2, 2012

We have some good news coming out of Japan to share with you now, as it looks like Sony’s new PS Vita handheld is finally start to make some progress after a far from perfect start to their hopes in shifting hardware to consumers.

As expected, the Vita is still nowhere near the Nintendo 3DS on the hardware charts, but we can tell you that Sony managed to shift enough Vita units in the latest figures, to beat hardware sales managed for the original Sony PSP.

This is the first time that Sony has witnessed a Vita victory over the PSP since launch, so it could be an indication that consumers in Japan are definitely starting to warm to the company’s new handheld. The recent release of Tales of Innocence R may have had a helping hand in shifting a few Vita units, as the new RPG from Namco Bandai even managed to debut at number three in the Japanese software charts, only beating beaten by the likes of Armored Core 5 on the PS3 and Resident Evil: Revelations on the 3DS.

According to the figures released by AndriaSang, the Sony Vita shifted just under 20,000 units, or 18,942 to be exact. While the numbers may be deemed paltry compared to the 3DS with 84,789 units, the Vita still improved on their hardware sales from last week which were 15,219.

We predict that the Vita will get even stronger as well. More titles are expected to join the party when the system launches in the west on February 22nd, highly anticipated games such as Rayman Origins and Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus which will probably perform well in Japan. Then of course you have upcoming titles which could really start to eat into those 3DS figures – we’re talking about Monster Hunter for the Vita and the distant release of Final Fantasy X on Vita.

Do you think the Vita will catch up to the Nintendo 3DS over time?

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  • Guest

    i don’t know how much eating into the 3DS monster hunter and FFX can do for the vita since the 3DS is getting monster hunter 4 and might get FFV&VI but we will know as time goes on

  • Trentledford

    I think it will catch up worldwide to the 3ds because in NA the buzz for the vita ig very high. Many people are talking about it and playstation is promoting it big time here. I think it will sell over 400,000 the first week in north America and probably around 800,000- 1 million world wide during its official launch day , the week of feb 22. 

    • Greg

      To be honest i don’t like the 3DS that much. i mean ok, the 3D is pretty cool, but other than that  i really dont see what is so special.  Now the ps vita!!! there i can see how its special. It sounds so incredible, and i can’t wait for it to be released on the 22 of Feb.  I am definitely getting one, the only thing i really dont like is the memory cards cost so much.

    • Greg

      oh, im sorry Trentledford, i didnt mean to post that as a reply.