Tempting Final Fantasy XIII-2, Soul Calibur V incentives

We have already given you our daily updates on Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Soul Calibur V, but for those of you who do not have both games but are very much interested in picking them up, you may be interested in the following deals that we have spotted.

Both games are brand new on the market these week and obviously both are at opposite ends of the genre spectrum. We have Final Fantasy XIII-2, the follow-up sequel to the infamous FFXIII and Soul Calibur V, the latest offering from Namco Bandai before they start work on Tekken X Street Fighter.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has received some decent reviews since going on sale and according to critics, the game definitely makes up for the failures seen in FFXIII. If you are interested in picking up a copy for either the Xbox 360 or PS3, then you’ll probably want to choose Amazon since the online retailer is currently offering a few goodies upon purchase.

If you head to their online listing here, you’ll see that a $60 order will grant you a $20 gift card for your next purchase, while they are also throwing in a digital mini-strategy guide as well, free delivery comes as standard. Alternatively, you may want to browse upon Neweggs’ offer for the game as they are selling FFXIII-2 with an instant discounted price of $49.99 which definitely isn’t bad either. Similarly, Newegg are also offering the exact same deal for Soul Calibur V as well, so if instant cash discount is what you’re after and don’t want to have to buy a second item at Amazon, then Newegg may be more appealing to you – you’ll find the promo codes for the discounts here.

As you have probably guessed, this deal is for US consumers only. If you have spotted any similar deals in the UK or other regions, be sure to leave us a comment below with your best finds. For those hardcore gamers out there who already own both – would you recommend both titles to others or would you rather send out a stark warning to save their cash?



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