Retailer pulls Transformer Prime over possible concerns

By Gary Johnson - Feb 1, 2012

Despite all the issues with owners having problems with the Asus Transformer Prime after updating the operating system, the device still has a lot of fans and potential owners. But today though we have news of a retailer pulling the Transformer Prime over possible concerns with some of the devices features.

Online retailer Clove has taken down the device from its website due to worries about its GPS and Wi-Fi features, but as Cnet are reporting Asus have stated that the device is fine after undergoing “rigorous testing“. The tablet is seen by some as the first serious contender to the iPad crown, but there have been numerous reports of bugs.

The retailer is so far the only one to take such action though and has led Clove to take to its blog to comment on the situation. It said “We are at this time not satisfied that all units we could provide you with are working correctly, and performing to the standard we expect”. The retailer went on to say they will not offer the device until further notice.

Asus has stressed that issues with the Wi-Fi are not affecting the UK version of the device, but the GPS problem led the company rolling out a software update to fix the issue. Asus has said it takes pride in its testing of products, and the Prime is performing as expected.

Other UK retailers such as Curry’s and Dixons are still offering the Transformer Prime to consumers, but with all these possible problems going on and the fact an updated model is due to arrive later this year, some may start having second thoughts about splashing the cash on the tablet PC.

Have you got the Transformer Prime?

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  • andredavilabr

    I got mine aprox. 1 month ago. No issues whatsoever! Typing from it right now (keyborad dock) from university campus. The wifi is stable and reliable. Cannot say about GPS as I don’t use it, but I read some ppl are happy with it since the last update.
    The camera is amazing, ICS is awesome and overall it’s the best tablet at the moment. Graphics are great! Everybody at school is jealous, as I can dock it with the keyboard and extend battery time considerably. VEry light, sturdy and elegant piece of hadware. Highly reccomended.