FIFA 12: January Transfer update – Release countdown

By Alan Ng - Feb 1, 2012

English Premier League fans all over the world will be waking up today to find that their copy of FIFA 12 could now be severely outdated. That’s because the January transfer window has now officially closed, and eager FIFA 12 fans are eager to find out when all the transfers will be implemented into the game by EA.

If you have plenty of spare time on your hands, you could do it yourself manually, but that isn’t really too much fun – especially since there has been a large amount of activity for Premier League clubs. We didn’t see too many high profile transfers in the calibre of Andy Carroll and Fernando Torres’ respective moves to Liverpool and Chelsea, but there are definitely some big names that have changed clubs and should be featuring in FIFA 12 soon.

At the moment, there is no set release date for when EA will make the January Transfer changes in FIFA 12. However, one possible release time for the update could be this Friday at 6pm GMT, as that’s when EA will update their FIFA Ultimate Team database with all the transfer changes. They have already updated the system with changes that happened earlier in the month such as Thierry Henry’s glorious return to Arsenal, but it would be logical for EA to update the main database as well with all the transfers.

What changes can we expect to see then? Strikers Bobby Zamora and Djibril Cisse’s moves to QPR are some of the biggest changes you’ll see, while Arsenal and Tottenham supporter’s will be disappointed to hear that Ryo Miyaichi and Roman Pavlyuchenko have parted ways with the club, although the little Japanese starlet’s move is only a loan one.

It’s a good idea to keep checking this thread over at the EA Forums for any future updates regarding the transfer window changes, but as we said it is well worth keeping an eye on that Friday 6pm update to see if the main database is updated too. If you were following the last day of the transfer window yesterday, let us know your thoughts on all the movers. No additions to Arsenal yet again which is a surprise to us, while we are predicting at least one new striker joining Liverpool – moves for Darren Bent or Jermaine Defoe didn’t happen though.

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  • liverpoolfool

    could someone give me an actual link to a download of he transfer list for fifa12

  • Emilnilssonang

    someone who now if there will be one more transferupdate with transfers like Chris Samba who moves from Blackburn to Anzhi and Mahamadou who is a free agent move to Fulham in Barclays Premier League.

  • When  is the update out ?????????

  • Ramadani_enis

    when can i Update fifa 12?

  • Royston-09-bwfc

    Theres should be alot of correction tbh heres a few..

    Ratings/stats to be better- 

    G.Ramirez (Bologna)
    Ljajic (Fiorentina)
    Van Persie (Arsenal)
    Adebayor (Tottenham)
    Parker (Tottenham) 
    Demba Ba (Newcastle)
    Dempsey (Fulham) 
    Cabaye (Newcastle) 
    Pedersen (Blackburn) 
    Elia (Juventus) 
    Cardozo (Benfica)
    Varela (FC Porto)
    James Rodriguez (FC Porto)
    Adam Johnson (Man City)

    Ratings/Stats to go down- 
    Modric (Tottenham) > he is never an (88)
    Fernando Torres (Chelsea)
    Babbacar (Fiorentina)
    Pedro (Barcelona)
    Malouda (Chelsea)
    Doumbia (CSKA Moskow)
    Andy Carroll (Liverpool) < an 81? really lol
    Luis Nani (Man Utd)

    ………… 2 players that wont be on fifa that i know of are: Moussa Sow (lille player) and Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea Player) 

    • NgTurbo

      You missed out Suarez on your up list 🙂

  • Craigj92

    Hey guys 🙂
    I believe it’s going to be the 23rd of this month, for the squad updates.

    • NgTurbo

       Spot on!

  • Paris Suleyman

    Paul Sholes?

  • Mr_stian_fb

    Welbeck, Cleverley, Smalling and Jones should be a lot better also

  • Martyn maundrill

    I haven’t had a update for it yet

  • Billyblitzg

    when is the update out?

  • Gavin

    also szczesny’s overall should be high and better than de gea’s. Agree with slim’s comment on Chambo.

  • slim

    chamberlain should be at least 75

    • xJONx

      De Gea overall will still be higher since Szczesny is not as good as him overall, He might have better positioning and handling but De Gea has better kicking, diving and reflexes.

  • Lucas

    R players rating going to be updated aswell? Because oxlade-chamberlain is only 69 and deserves to be a true wonderkid on the game like in really life, and drop the ratings of carroll 81 which is a joke and torres 86!!! when demba ba’s only 79! 

  • y i have not get any updates is there some thing wrong with my game or is every one 

    • Timmy

      dumbass read!

  • BoulderVillan

    Arsenal definitely picked up Eisfeld from Dortmund. He got an assist in the Reserves fixture on the 1st.

    • Gavin

      i will go mad if they don’t put Eisfeld in the update

  • Calum19

    did you not read the article above

  • Mydonlikeomar

    so when is the updates due to come in

  • Calum19

    everton got rangers and spl leading scorer Nikica Jelavic. This will be one to look forward to.

  • joker


  • Aidan

    nothing happened..

  • Hugo

    Will the update on FUT happen on career mode aswell?

  • Benny boy

    Last year it was feb 23rd. I can’t see it being any earlier this time.

  • man utd

    scholes added to united???

    • guest

       hope so…..but i still dont like the no 22 he’s wearing, it’s not scholes like

      • Matthewjohnstokes

        He wore 22 when he was at united years ago 🙂

      • Abc

        Scholes first no at utd was 22..