Upgraded 1.8Ghz Galaxy Nexus CPU whispers

By Alan Ng - Jan 31, 2012

Google and Samsung have only just released the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon Wireless, but this week we have whispers to suggest that a new upgraded model may already be in the pipeline, after a recent benchmark produced some interesting results.

The Galaxy Nexus launched in November 2011 in Europe and after a month later, the device finally arrived on Verizon Wireless in December. Many consumers feel that Google’s latest flagship handset is easily the best Android smartphone on the market right now, and this is largely thanks to the fact that it is the first device to ship with Ice Cream Sandwich, Google’s latest version of their Android operating system.

Now imagine our surprise when we heard that a new model may already be on the way. It hasn’t been officially confirmed yet of course, but recent benchmark results obtained and published by Droid-Life appear to show a Galaxy Nexus with a PowerVR SGX 544 GPU, which has been attached to an upcoming processor from Texas Instruments known as the OMAP4470.

Just so you’re aware, the Galaxy Nexus ships with a SGX 540 GPU and a TI OMAP4460 processor, so there definitely is something fishy going on. What is even more exciting for those who are interested in an upgraded model, is that the new OMAP4470 processor can apparently be clocked right up to 1.8Ghz. If it turns out to be true that Google and Samsung are planning an upgraded model so soon, then you have to feel for those users who have just forked out on the current Nexus on a two year contract with Verizon – should this treatment really occur for a supposed flagship model?

Don’t forget though, that the Sprint Galaxy Nexus has already been confirmed and this could just be a glance at the Sprint version which will come with an upgraded processor compared to the Verizon model. 1.8Ghz is obviously very attractive on paper though, so it will be interesting to see what becomes of this.

Galaxy Nexus owners – how do you feel about this?

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  • Enoel69

    Even tho i already have the 16GB GSM pentaband model…i will likely buy the improved version if it comes with 32GB internal memory and 8Mpx cam..also depends on the price. Will also depends on how much faster it will be compared with the original. I will then sell the one i have now

  • Mdub

    As a sprint customer I second that. Suck it verizon users!

  • Anonymous

    Considering I am on Sprint, I hope this is true.

  • GNex

    Exactly wtf the nexus is supposed to be the pinnacle of Android and if it surpassed so quickly by another nexus well that’s just unacceptable. The GSM and Verizon version only differ in the lte radio and slightly bigger battery no whole new processor and gpu.

  • Anonymous

    i would feel completely outraged . i just spent $700+ on the gsm nexus , and i would be pretty pissed that sprint gets the newer processor and gpu. i could understand if they had to put in a qualcom cpu to be compatible with their LTE network or something like that, but im sure thats not the case since omap works fine with Verizon LTE. either way , this is a Nexus phone and should only be updated once a year, not to have two or three iterations of the same device. all Google is going to do is piss  a lot of people off and tarnish their brand name.