Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – Gameplay questions authenticity

By Alan Ng - Jan 31, 2012

If you are still in two minds as to whether to pick up Capcom’s next Resident Evil game, a new gameplay feature that we have for Operation Raccoon City now may do little to change your minds. We have the complete first level for you to take a look at, but you may be surprised to see a lack of trademark style Resident Evil action which we have all become used to seeing.

As you’re probably well aware, Operation Raccoon City is moving in a completely different direction from Resident Evil 5 and it will actually be a third-person based affair developed by Slant Six Games where the roles have been reversed and you now play as members of the Umbrella team.

We grew up playing the original on the PlayStation 1 so to see this third person shooter game before ours eyes is certainly a surprise and a stark contrast to see the direction of which Capcom has taken the game since Resident Evil 5. Of course, we all know that Resident Evil 6 is coming now, but we still didn’t expect the company to completely change the core elements of Resident Evil like we see here in Operation Raccoon City.

We’ll stop there though as we understand that a lot of you are happy that Capcom is trying something new with the franchise. A lot of you are not happy with this third person style Resident Evil, but many of you are now coming to the idea of playing as Umbrella for the first time, and Operation Raccoon City may actually turn out to be the person ice-breaker game to play next month, before Capcom release Resident Evil 6 on November 20 later this year.

Unfortunately, the new gameplay that we have to show you doesn’t appear to show any zombie action, which again may cast an element of doubt in your minds as to whether to buy this or not. Our way of thinking though – The first level in a Resident Evil game, without any zombies has to be a risky move in our book.

Check out the footage below, courtesy of GameReactor and let us know your thoughts on it. Will you give Operation Raccoon City a chance, or are you waiting for Capcom to redeem themselves with Resident Evil 6?

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  • Davic64

    None of the last few Resi’s are anywhere near as good as the original PS ones. They have taken all the puzzle aspects away, and also all the suspense. You used to be on the edge of your seat with fear playing the originals! Obviously graphics and gameplay have improved 100% but at the end of the day its just another shoot em up, and there are far better out there on the market. Also with Call of Duty dominating game sales and being hard to beat on the shoot em up front, I don’t think this will be making a big impact. Go back to the original format, and you might get a bigger market.

    • Vic

      why  cant they go back to the original like resident evil 1 2 3   tweek them for ps3 and that would fix the market

  • I don’t get it, RE 4 and 5 was both in third person, so why is that news?! And seeing it from the Umbrella Corp views isn’t even a newsflash. The sales for RE games has been dropping since nr 5 hit the shelves. So what is the moaning about?

    • aaa

      Both resident evil 4 and 5 sold more than any previous RE titlle with 5 selling more than re4 so no there sales are not dropping.