Q1 Ice Cream Sandwich update delight for Galaxy S II, Note

By Alan Ng - Jan 31, 2012

While we expect a lot of Samsung Galaxy S II users are currently enjoying an unofficial taste of Ice Cream Sandwich, we have some good news to bring those of you who are patiently waiting for Samsung to deliver on their promise of an official update to the latest version of Android.

Until now, there has been no official word from Samsung regarding Ice Cream Sandwich updates for any of their devices other than the Galaxy Nexus, but now thanks to a Facebook post from Samsung Norway, it looks like official updates for the Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy Note could be landing in a few months time, as noted by Phandroid.

According to them, the company will be launching Ice Cream Sandwich for both devices before the end of the first quarter this year, and it looks like Norwegian consumers will be getting their updates before the rest of the world get it. If you remember, the Galaxy Nexus launched in Europe a full month ahead of a US launch, so US consumers will now be praying that Samsung do not take as long to get Ice Cream Sandwich out to them.

Don’t be surprised that we don’t have an official date for you yet though, as you’ll know that isn’t Samsung’s style of doing things when it comes to software updates. On a side note, this will be great news for those of you planning to pick up a Galaxy Note from AT&T, as the carrier has just confirmed that a release is happening on February 19th and that it will be available to buy for $300 on a two year contract.

How many of you are currently enjoying Ice Cream Sandwich, is it really worth rooting your device and exploring the inner depths of your device, or are you one that likes to keep your smartphone in its default state, regardless of how long it takes for official updates to come out?

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  • From my experience with beta, porting, and other software that isn’t specifically built for what you are trying to run it on I would NOT put a non-supported OS that was not thoroughly tested on my daily phone device. It just seems like too much of a headache. I am looking into purchasing a Galaxy S II but would like to know when ICS will be coming to my new device.

  • Tom

    I live in Australia and imported the Galaxy Note OMFG. I love it

  • I’m waiting for #CheckRom or #CyanogenMod to get #ICS on the #I-9100