PS Vita release day trade-in deals surface

By Gary Johnson - Jan 31, 2012

We are only a few weeks away now to the release of Sony’s new handheld console, and some have wondered how well it will do considering the pricing for it. Although totally different to the Nintendo 3DS that saw a slow start to its life until Nintendo slashed the price of the device, and sales have now really taken off. Ahead of the PS Vita release day some trade-in deals have surfaced.

We recently told you that branches of GAME and Gamestation now have demo PS Vita models for excited gamers to give a try in the stores. Now the same retailer has released some details regarding how much consumers can get hold of the PS Vita by trading in some other hardware according to Pocket Gamer.

If you are growing bored of your Nintendo 3DS and if you part exchange it you can pick up the Wi-Fi only version for £99, or alternatively the 3G model will cost you £149.99. If you have a spare 250GB Xbox 360 or a 320GB PS3 the Wi-Fi Vita will set you back £79.99 or £129.99 for the 3G version.

Trading in your old PSP Slim & Lite will get you the PS Vita for £179.99 or £229.99 for the 3G. If you have an old Nintendo Wii gathering dust not doing anything then the PS Vita is priced at £189.99/£239.99. Some will see the offers as being pretty poor considering the console at the retailer starts at £229.99 for the Wi-Fi version.

Do you think the trade in deals offer value for money?

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  • Antony

    usual appalling deals from Game. Whatever you do, don’t take store credit – they’re not long for this world…