DLC wishlist for MW3 old map packs

By Alan Ng - Jan 31, 2012

Call of Duty Elite members are tucking into some brand new Modern Warfare 3 DLC maps right now, but everyone without a subscription has to play the waiting game. We know that more new maps are on the way in the coming months, but there’s also the possibility of a few old school COD maps being remade for MW3 as well.

If you have been following potential map leaks for Infinity Ward’s latest shooter, you’ll know that it isn’t the first time that we have spoke about the possibility of old COD4 and Modern Warfare 2 maps appearing in MW3. Back in November we informed you about a dubious-looking video which hinted of a ‘Nostalgic’ map pack coming to Modern Warfare 3, a pack which would be consisted of remade maps from older Call of Duty games, but brought back to life with the Modern Warfare 3 engine.

A lot of you were saying that the Nostalgic pack was fake at the time and while we would probably agree with you on that point, we have some interesting details to share with you now. During a recent interview with Machinima, MW3 community manager Robert Bowling has been talking about the possibility of bringing old maps back into MW3 and even went on to list some of his favorites should this happen, as reported from MP1st.

If he had the final say, he would like to see Favela, Crossfire and Backlot appear in Modern Warfare 3. But he also revealed that his favorite two maps in the series are Crash and Overgrown. We imagine that he has a pretty big say in future map development for the game, so could his comments possibly carry any weight as future DLC? While we would like to see new maps in MW3, we have to agree with some of his choices. Favela was a brilliant map, while we’re sure everyone loves Crash and Overgrown as well.

If old maps are indeed returning to MW3 as future DLC – what old school map wishlist would you submit to Infinity Ward for consideration? Give us your best ideas below.

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  • anth21


  • anth21

    for those who on about the new dlc maps the only decent  so far is overwatch but u can only play hardcore on moshpit

  • Sportslover28

    I would love to see Overgrown, Afghan, Wasteland, Favela, Terminal, Estate,Rundown and Skidrow.

  • kassl1112ops (PSN)

    A Nostalgic pack would be great if it had more that 4 maps, because I don’t think anyone wants to pay for 4 old maps for $15.  Because, honestly, CoD 4 is $20 now.  A new snow map would be nice, as I’m not a big fan of Outpost.  One or two sniper maps would be nice, such as Wet Work.  Another idea would be to bring in new/old guns such as the M249, Intervention, AT4, F2000, Vector, M9 (Known for large clip, but Five seveN handles that), AK74u, M40A3 (If not Intervention), M1911, etc.  Those are just what I used to use.  

  • kassl1112ops (PSN)

    Terminal-Great, favorite map in any CoD game.
    Favela-Small in size, huge in flanking routes and rooftops.
    Overgrown-Great for snipers, good hiding places.
    Strike-Classic layout, Anti-camper map.
    Crossfire-Best for snipers, good flanking routes, good for Sabotage. 
    Estate-Good for S&D, snipers are successful, downside: lots of campers.
    Wasteland-Great long range kills, good for large game modes.  

  • Terrellmccaskill

    rust because its small and it would be intense games

  • TerrellMcCaskill


  • TerrellMcCaskill


  • Terrellmccaskill

    Trailer Park
    Bail out

  • Rbtberger

    I am so furious that us non “Elite” COD gamers have to wait for new DLC maps. Matter of fact I’m going to boycot Infinityward and microsoft in retaliation!

  • Onehughjazz69

    Ambush, Backlot, Bloc, Bog, Countdown, Crossfire, District, Pipeline, and Showdown. I’d like to see all these maps brought back.

  • Turner2211

    Definitely favela, creek, pipeline, and Chinatown. Those were great maps. To the author of this post… Fix where you said everyone without a subscription is playing the waiting game. Us ps3 “elite” members are still waiting too. Kinda bs

  • Troop



    i would LOVE to play infected on highrise

  • Jallimaooski

    Ambush pipeline wet works countdown


    I Want HiGHRiSE and Sub Base Favela is epic too!

  • SpazticAssassin

    How about some new maps that are as good or better than the old maps?

  • Bryson

    afgan because there’s no sand/desert maps, terminal because it was the best call of duty map, highrise because everyone liked it, rust was nice because it was small, and a winter map because there’s only one winter map and it sucks. A bring back the intervention and double tap triangle or Y.

    • YInterventionY

      Plzzz bring back the double yy at least. The game would be twice as good then. Also old gun favorites such as the intervention would be a great addition to the game!

  • Javi Hernandez38

    u guys u think of old maps that we bought from past map pack but thier not their putting the maps that wear on cod 4 n mw2 wen u bought the game before they but new maps for that game their not trying to sell u the maps that we already bought read it very carefully

  • Dustinspencer13

    I would like to see new mAps not old ones i bought call of duty mw3 for ne maps not old maps

  • I will not pay for any MW2 maps, it’s a joke – the maps are all installed to my 360 so basically I’m buying them again! NOT HAPPENING – lost respect for IW with this Elite subscription as it is… if we keep buying everything that IW throws our way when will it stop? 

    Fast forward to 2015, MW5 is out – I can now buy a map which I have purchased 3 times previously for other CoD games, I subscribe to Elite, but now the Pro Elite subscription is out, this allows you to get maps even quicker than Elite members#WHENWILLITSTOP

    • kassl1112ops (PSN)

      You are 100% right.  New things just keep coming out, so you’re screwed every time your friends get the new thing and you’re still playing the old thing.  But if we want it to stop, boycotting is always an option…  (By the way, Makarov is dead, so it is very unlikely that there will be MW4, let alone MW5, however they could bring in another enemy.  Maybe Yuri goes bad.  That’s what they did after MW1, Zakhaev dead, hey, who’s that Makarov guy?)

  • Dare Shoxi

    Highrise, terminal and Favela! Trickshotting sucks in MW3 coz every map is bad

  • Dyoko123

    Rust and terminal all day long

  • Hiking

    None….make some new ones instead of selling your old stuff AGAIN

  • carlos

    shipment. but they would have to change the kill streaks some how with map being small.

  • josue

    highrise terminal