All PS Vita games are mostly ports, why still so expensive?

By Alan Ng - Jan 31, 2012

For those of you that still are not aware, the Sony PS Vita will introduce variable pricing to consumers looking to pick one up in the US or Europe at the end of February. This means that some games will be more expensive than others, and we now have a semi-complete list of launch prices for those of you in the UK.

We have told you in the past that Uncharted: Golden Abyss will unsurprisingly be priced at the very highest spectrum, which is the somewhat ‘look away’ price of £44.99. Now though we have some other UK Vita software prices to share with you and you’ll want to make a note of these if you plan to pick up the system on February 22nd.

FIFA Football will also be ready in time for launch, but unfortunately just like Uncharted you’ll have to pay £44.99 to get your hands on it. Luckily, some other notable games will be available at cheaper prices, such as the very impressive Rayman Origins for £34.99 or Dynasty Warriors Next for £29.99.

A list by TheSixthAxis shows all the ‘known’ prices so far, but we’ve noticed that they have missed a few prices off the list. One of them is Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, another eagerly awaited game on the handheld. A quick look at UK retailer Play reveals that the game will be priced at £29.99, while the same applies to Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 too. On a side note, you’ll also see that the Vita version of Ultimate MvC3 is even more expensive than the PS3 version, which is pretty ridiculous.

One final game to tell you about is Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition which will be available to buy from the same retailer for £33.99, again quiet expensive for a game which is essentially a port of the console version.

What are your thoughts on these prices? The majority of these games are basically ports so should gamers really have to pay this much for them? We understand that these games have been implemented with touch and motion controls to suit the new Vita control system, but we should also point out that a lot of these are priced ‘higher’ than their console counterparts which tells you all you need to know. Do you agree with Sony’s Vita pricing strategy or not?

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  • Coolinthecan

    Shame! over priced.
    Could have been something that gamers what but not at these prices.

  • my advice to people is that: WAIT!
    don’t get Vita yet.
    wait a year until games starts to arrive, vita gets price dropped and THEN get it!

  • Bill N

    All of this article is mostly poorly written, just saying.

  • tarbis

    You can’t use “All” and “mostly” in the same sentence. Are you on drugs or something?
    Uncharted is a new game different from the first 3 on the PS3, therefore is not a port. If you ever played the game from start to finish you’ll see that the game is worth the asking price.
    Also, why are you blaming Sony for the prices of other games. You should be blaming their respective publishers for that.
    Next time, do your research before you post anything and lay off the weed.

  • Anonymous

    all games ports? what about:

    -Uncharted Golden Abyss
    -Gravity Rush
    -Little Diviants
    -Wipeout 2048
    -Unit 13
    -Resistance Burning Skies
    -Escape Plan
    -Bioshock spin off
    -Reality Fighters
    -Silent Hill Book of Memories
    -Army Coprs of Hell
    -Tales of Space: Mutant Blobs

    please explain either of which games those games that I listed are ports of, and if you can’t please apologize for the lie you wrote on the title

    • doesn’t matter man, many of them are not for all gamers.

      wtf Reality Fighters!???:/ someone get me a real game please.

      • Anonymous

        so the truth doesn’t matter? you write lies and then try to justify it by saying that you meant something else, great journalism, you should apply for Fox news