Unlock solution for iPhone 3GS BB 5.16.05 (iOS 5.0.1)

By Jamie Pert - Feb 8, 2012

Pretty much every iPhone model and baseband variant out there can now jailbroken and unlocked, however whilst carrying out a little research the other day we realised that the iPhone 3GS running baseband 5.16.05 was one exception – but there is a way around this!

People who have jailbroken and unlocked iPhone models in the past have probably come across redsn0w and ultrasn0w, well the good news is that these are the tools you need to carry out the jailbreak and unlock, but for some reason only a certain version of redsn0w worked for us while we tested out this method, the rest was pretty easy.

Before carrying out this method we connected the iPhone 3GS to the computer, updated it to iOS 5.0.1 and once that was installed we ran a factory reset to give the iPhone ‘a fresh start’, we’re not saying this is necessary, but this method worked for us.

Note: we carried out the following method using Windows not Mac OS X, also we can’t be held responsible if anything goes wrong, you are always taking a risk when jailbreaking a device, so don’t do it unless you are sure! Also some say that if your 3GS was built after the 45th week in 2009 you could brick your iPhone – so beware!

Now that your iPhone 3GS is running iOS 5.0.1 you should turn it off. Now download RedSn0w 0.9.10b4 via this link (Mac link here). Once downloaded extract the files and you should see a redsn0w.exe file, right click this and then select ‘Run as Administrator’ – redsn0w should now be open.

Click the ‘Jailbreak’ button, ensure your iPhone 3GS is off and plug it into your PC via the USB cable then click next, you may see a warning about your iDevice’s serial number, don’t ignore this and only continue if your iPhone doesn’t fall into the blacklisted serial numbers (you may have to briefly turn on your iPhone to check the serial number). redsn0w will now ask you to enter DFU mode, follow the on-screen instructions and then redsn0w will carry out the jailbreak. A few seconds later you should see some jailbreak options, ensure that ‘Install Cydia’ and ‘Install iPad baseband’ are both ticked, click next and then you will have to accept a warning to continue, the process will then finish and you will see your iPhone’s display showing the latter stages of the jailbreak – wait for this to finish and your iPhone should start-up running jailbroken iOS 5.0.1.

You now need to run a few checks, firstly swipe across to see if Cydia is installed, secondly go into Settings, General, About and scroll down to ‘Modem Firmware’ – here you should now be running baseband 6.15.00 – this means you have successfully installed the iPad baseband on your 3GS. Note: Some say that this baseband affects WiFi and GPS connectivity, but it worked just fine for us.

Finally load up Cydia, search for ultrasn0w, run it, reboot your iPhone and voila – you’re done. There are other methods out there which may work, but this is the only method which worked for us after 4 hours of trying different mehods. We didn’t have to install custom IPSW images or anything like that, just update to iOS 5.0.1, run a factory reset, jailbreak with redSnow 0.9.10b4 ensuring that you tick the iPad baseband (all other redsn0w versions failed for us) and then open up Cydia and run ultrasn0w – it’s simple when you know how.

Please leave us a comment below letting us know if this guide helped you! Likewise, if you are struggling with this, let us know and we will try to help you…

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  • does it works on week 47 of 2011..it gives warning while installing ipad baseband and says it will brick ur iphone!!!!


    My serial number is 207. Can I still unlock my phone? I didn’t install ipad baseband because of the warning, although I did install cydia. What should I do next? Pls help!!!

  • wildcat

    mind was under 45 and the broad band work its 06.15.00 and installed ultra snow but phone still not unlocked so it doesn’t work with all phones

  • Good4uhottie69

    This worked perfect. My iphone is in week 45. My phone did the whole procedure and came to the itunes logo. I unplugged my phone and turned off and turned it back on. Went to cydia searched for ultrasnow
    installed turned phone off and inserted tmobile card and turned back on. Searched for a few moments then tmobile kicked in.
    just be patient when doing this it worked a 100% for me.

  • Hello, my phone is 3GS AT & T is in week 49 of 2011, yet did all the procedure and asks me to restart active, ie not let me enter, you have a solution, thank you very much.

  • Jean Pierre

    Hello, my phone is 3G AT & T is in week 49 of 2011, yet did all the procedure and asks me to restart active, ie not let me enter, you have a solution, thank you very much.

  • Ahmed ais71

    Thank U So Much

  • Ramesh

    Just now jailbroke and unlocked my iPhone 3GS (5.0.1 with 5.16.05).
    Thanks a bunch.

  • Wop

    …does this solution seem to be working for the newer 3gs…what was the first five no. of the serial no. of the phone that this worked on ?…

  • Boxermegan

    Thank you!!! It worked! So easy!

  • hassaan nasir

    ok as soon as i hit install cydia and ipad baseband my redsnow crashed showing illegal operation now my iphone shows a blank screen Help!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bradley Kelly

    If I remove the jailbreak after I install the new carrier on my phone, would I still have the new carrier unlocked on my phone?

  • my iphone 3gs is manufactored after week 35 of 2011, for which the baseband upgrade doesnt work (thats what redsnow said while jailbreaking) so i jailbroke only and did not upgrade baseband to ipad, what do i do now to unlock it?

  • Starlingjaxon

    I just downloaded it
    it was easy to get on and seems to work
    Thanks guys!!!!

  • Marks221

    thanks man,….this is real,…all my iphone 3gs working perfectly wifi, gps, thank you, good tuto,……

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  • Morphius

    Why you guys are posting the very old methods of updating your I device to iPad baseband again again?

    • Jamie Pert

      Hi Morphius, we never realized that that this particular baseband was so awkward to unlock until we experienced it ourselves, so thought we would help our our readers who may experience this in the future

  • risks include losing your gps depending when your 3gs was made

  • Agsunshine37

    risks include losing your gps

  • Guk

    Have someone tryed it?

    • Jamie Pert

      We tried it before posting this