Street Fighter X Tekken: New character rumors tease Akuma, Ogre

By Alan Ng - Jan 30, 2012

We have yet more details on DLC-related info for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken crossover brawler game now, which is set to hit consoles and PC in March. You may have been shocked with the inclusion of Megaman and Pac-man, but now we have some possible new characters that may be joining the game as well.

If you missed the news about the original Megaman that will be appearing in the game on March 6th, you can read about that again here. The news caused quite a stir since fans wont be seeing Megaman in his traditional attire, but rather a 1980’s model which is actually based on box art for the original Megaman game.

Now though, we’ve come across a particularly dogdy-looking report over at the ‘Hadoken’ blog, which claims to have a full list of the DLC schedule that will take place for the game after release. As you can imagine, the list includes a vast collection of costume packs that are set to release as DLC, but if the information is true, then we could also be seeing no fewer than six new characters enter the game as well.

Four of them have been named as Cody, Guy, Christie and Leo in a ‘New Challenger’s Pack‘, while another pack allegedly titled ‘X Unlocker’ will release as well – containing two notable additions in Akuma and Ogre. However, information included with the Akuma and Ogre reveal suggests that players may have the opportunity of buying them straight away, or playing through the game and unlocking them in due course. If this information is true and that you can unlock them, then it’s obviously pretty ridiculous to think that players will still want to buy this if they are included in the game anyway – shame on Capcom, or shame on the foolish player?

Since the information has obviously yet to be confirmed by Capcom, you should take it with a very large pinch of salt until we see some concrete evidence. Ogre is certainly a nice addition though if that turns out to be true – what do you think folks?

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  • Imran672

    i just want lee,karin,sakura,alex and fei.long then roster would be complete for me.

  • Imran672

    what i thought guy and cody were definitely going to be in street fighter vs tekken as in disc version well guy and cody were never that common its a shame when characters like ibuki and rufus made it instead.

  • Imran672

    akuma is better than c.viper.

  • Imran672

    my top 10 sfxtekken character wishlist plz make this happen capcom! in order!
    1st karin
    2nd fei.long
    3rd sakura
    4th alex
    5th sean
    6th lee
    7th dudley
    8th remy
    9th urien
    10th akuma he’s likely to make it anyway.

  • Imran672

    i want remy instead of guile in sf5 so bad i know remy has poor fanbase so what i am the no.1 remy oh hail remy4life!! but guiles not mr.popular himself.i’m glad sodom is not in the game.

  • Imran672

    its turn out from that leaked roster we get balrog,vega and rufus instead of sodom,makoto,r.mika.but r.mika was going to be better than rufus makoto should even have been in ssf4 to begin with but we never get alex not even once and sodom sounds cool but im not a huge fan of sodom.

  • Imran672

    i’m still waiting 4 karin,fei.long,alex,lee to be in this game and ofcourse dudley as well.

  • udon’tcarewhatmynameisdou?

    No Jin or Seth?

  • Honkarican

    Personally, I would rather have additional characters available as DLC, then have to buy a new game (which is exactly the same, except with a few new characters).  This makes sense to me, and if they added more characters as DLC, I’d probably buy those, too.

  • Aka

    since the release of street fighter 4 capcom has been going too far with DLC, if the article is true, why would they not include the characters from the new challengers pack in the original game. I sure hope they dont make it ridiculously difficult to unlock ogre and akuma to try and rake in more profit