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New PS Vita 3G bundles do not please everyone

If you are planning to pick up a 3G PS Vita when it launches next month, it is good news if you live in the United States. Sony has just announced that they are planning to release two special 3G bundles at launch, both of which will come included with some great free goodies.

Unfortunately though, there’s no word on whether the same goodies will be coming to Europe, or if those hardcore fans will be rewarded for already purchasing an Asian model which went on sale in December.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has said that those who pre-ordered the First Edition 3G bundle will now get a free PlayStation Network game as well as a 250MB free AT&T pass, on top of the 4GB memory card and Little Deviants game that you’re already getting.

That’s not all though, as Sony has also said that those queuing up to buy one at launch will also have the chance of picking up a ‘Limited Edition’ 3G launch bundle, which includes all of the above but an 8GB memory card instead of the 4GB one, still for the same $299 price.

That is obviously fantastic news for those in the US planning to line up, but it does ask some questions as to if Sony plan to make this change worldwide as well. At the moment, there’s no indication on whether First Edition pre-order customers will get an 8GB card too, or if those loyal consumers who imported one from Hong Kong or Japan will get the bonus as well.

If Sony decide to make this US only, then we have to say that it’s a hard pill to swallow and a very frustrating move if it happens. Hopefully Sony will do the right thing and reward imported buyers with a free PSN download as well, or something along those lines. If you are already in possession of an imported 3G version, let us know your thoughts on this.



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