Microsoft reveals Xbox 720 release update

By Gary Johnson - Jan 30, 2012

Earlier today we brought you the news that a Sony executive believes that the company will be the last to announce anything about the next gen of console. There have been strong rumors recently that we may get to hear about the next Xbox console at this year’s E3 event in June. We can now tell you that Microsoft reveals an Xbox 720 release update.

According to a article over at Gamerzines the company has confirmed that it won’t be launching a new Xbox this year. Microsoft’s French Marketing Director, Cedrick Delmas, said that “there will be nothing new in 2012 regarding next-generation Xbox consoles”.

He went on to say that the games industry “likes to tell stories”, and added that the life of the current Xbox is a long way from being over. While plenty of rumors have suggested a big reveal at this year’s E3, there hasn’t been much said about an actual release this year.

There have been numerous reports of various development studios looking to hire staff for next-generation devices. These include the likes of Rockstar and Infinity Ward among others, but currently only Nintendo with the Wii U has committed to a next gen console.

Delmas commented that if the company wanted to go up against Nintendo and the Wii U, they would have to launch something straight away but “that is not at all the case”. Of Nintendo Delmas said that Nintendo are not going up against other manufacturers as they are “in a different cycle”.

While these comments say there will be no actual release this year, nothing is mentioned about a new device being revealed though. We will just have to wait for the E3 show in June to see if any official information is announced by Microsoft or Sony. Do you think there will be any announcements this year?

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  • The reality is, they would be stupid not to bring out new hardware and quickly. With Nintendo leapfrogging them, they will get a much larger market share as long as they keep the price down low. I would expect they are only “not planning” on releasing anything in order to create excitement when they “shock” us with a much better system that has already been in the works for some time. Timing is critical but it would be difficult to release their current system in production without some things being polished and functional vs. something in the Alpha stage. If they hadn’t already started on the design and build of the next generation system right after the initial XBox 360 was released, they wouldn’t be in the console business for very long.