Lingering Nokia Lumia 800 battery life woes continue

By Alan Ng - Jan 30, 2012

For those of you who are continuing to experience battery life related issues on your Nokia Lumia 800, we have an important piece of news to bring you. Nokia recently released a new software update for their latest device, and we have now heard specific details from the company on what the update addresses exactly.

According to the Finnish phone maker, the recent 1600.2483.8106.11500 update has solved issues relating to battery life, although obviously some of you are still having problems, highlighted in the ongoing discussion on Nokia’s official boards prompting the official word from Nokia, as reported by Engadget.

Nokia admits in their notes that there was indeed a problem involving battery life of the Lumia 800 and that the recent update intends to improve the situation, or by Nokia’s own wording – allow consumers to make use of the ‘full battery charge capacity correctly’. If you have installed this update, you may be seeing an improvement in battery life, but that’s not the only fix that Nokia aims to solve.

The forum post also confirms that a future update will target audio and camera bugs that are present in the current software, although those of you who are experiencing these problems will have to hang on for the time being.

Unfortunately, it looks like Nokia may have to investigate battery life problems further, as if you take a look at this discussion thread on the official boards, you can see that a lot of users are still complaining about battery life capacity problems even after installing the 1600.2483.8106.11500 update. We’re confident though that the problem will be sorted out eventually, but at least we’re not hearing of any sudden drops of battery life and it’s nice to see Nokia treat the battery life problems head on, rather than perhaps release an updated model with improved battery life like a certain other phone manufacturer has.

If you have a Nokia Lumia 800, let us know how your phone is coping at the moment. Are you still experiencing a loss of battery life after installing the latest software update?

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  • Jorge Silva

    Yes, still having batery issues. Batery lasts no longer than one day. Inacceptable.

  • Oprakos

    I got my Lumia 2 weeks ago…I am very glad with it overall..
    As for the battery, I am doing tests in how to improve it. One way of doing it is to keep the battery saver ON all the time. This will not push emails (not a problem for me as I really prefer getting them manually). Also, stopping Wifi helps a lot (just keeping my 3G ON).
    By doing the above I was able to extend it from about 14 hours to 24 hours which is OK.

  • Sh9689

    Yes. Battery life seems surprisingly poor. I only have my Samsung Omnia 7 as reference. I had a quiet morning in the office and the battery was empty by noon, having been charged fully at 6am. My Omnia 7 would have at least lasted to the early evening. It must be the standby consumption. No calls, no wifi on.

  • Gman_683

    Hi,i have installed the new update and im still having problems with the phone loosing half its battery life while on stand by at night time.
    I must admit,this is the worst phone for battery life………and i have had 4 smart phones and this one is horrible……