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iPhone 5: Exploring wireless charging, MagSafe connectors

We often see a fierce debate amongst Android and Apple fans on whether Apple have truly innovated the smartphone industry with features such as Siri and ‘Facetime’ video chat. Now though we are hearing about another possible brainstorming idea from Apple which may feature in future iOS devices, and it is a concept which definitely could be classed as innovative if it comes to fruition.

Apple has seemingly filed yet more patents in their quest to bring exciting new features to future products and we can tell you that one possible idea is to include MagSafe connector pins in iOS devices. If you own one of Apple’s Macbook products, you’ll be very used to seeing the magnetic charging pins, as opposed to the cable pins that we so often see on every other electronics device.

A new patent discovered by PatentlyApple reveals how we could be seeing a solution where future iPad, iPhone and Macbook products use the same MagSafe connector pin to charge devices, which would obviously be very convenient for the consumer. From using the Macbook Air myself frequently, I too would love to see their magnetic charging solution on the next iPhone and iPad, but it will be interesting to see if Apple has enough time to include this new feature for their upcoming iPhone 5.

We have also heard of another feature that could be coming in future devices, and it is a feature which would be a very exciting prospect indeed for consumers. Additional details at PatentlyApple also suggest that Apple may be thinking about wireless charging for their upcoming iOS devices and if they manage to pull it off – we can surely class this as one possible truly innovative feature for Apple’s next iPhone or iPad.

Are we getting our hopes up though of seeing these features implemented in the iPhone 5? Let us know your thoughts on a future iPhone with MagSafe charging pins and wireless charging. We wonder if this is one of the areas in which Steve Jobs was working on behind closed doors before he passed away, much like the soon to be revealed Apple ‘iTV’.



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