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Galaxy S III alternative at MWC 2012, next-gen tablet rumors

We recently shared with you a few disappointing whispers that we may not be seeing the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We said at the time that Samsung would probably have an exciting alternative on show, and it looks like it may come in the form of the company’s next generation tablet.

While many Apple fans are patiently awaiting the arrival of the inevitable iPad 3, there has been little talk as of yet on whether Samsung will be releasing a direct rival to Apple’s device with their existing Galaxy Tab lineup still performing well in the market.

However, a fresh report over at BGR reveals that Samung may be unveiling their latest and possibly greatest tablet to the world at MWC, and it is a device which could be equipped with a dual-core 2GHz Exynos 5250 processor amongst other impressive hardware features. We haven’t seen Samsung step over the 10.1 inch mark yet with their tablet range, but their next product could feature a display screen which is bigger than 10 inches, possibly an 11.6-incher and will feature a WXQGA 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution as well.

Furthermore, additional information states that this new tablet from Samsung may have incredible battery life, with a device that can last all day on a single charge with average to moderately heavy usage. We know that Samsung are already planning to use their all day battery concept on smartphones as well, so it will be a logical step if they decide to include their tablets too.

What will the device be called though if it is unveiled? We would like to see a flashy name this time, rather than something such as a ‘Samsung Galaxy Tab 12.1’ for example. We were really looking forward to seeing the Galaxy S III at the event next month, but this new tablet could make up for it if it really does feature next generation hardware. Still dual-core though – perhaps a quad-core is needed next? Give your thoughts on a possible next-gen tablet from Samsung at MWC.



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