Final Fantasy XIII-3 trilogy shock, DLC story fears

By Alan Ng - Jan 30, 2012

We have some information for you which probably won’t be met with a lot of surprise, as reports are suggesting that Square-Enix are instantly going to follow up from the upcoming release of FFXIII-2, with Final Fantasy XIII-3 – yet another sequel and a possible Final Fantasy XIII trilogy.

There is a word of warning for all of you intending to pick up Final Fantasy XIII-2 as the following information we’re about to share with you can probably be deemed as spoilers.

An article published by GameInformer reveals that towards the end of Final Fantasy XIII-2, the game contains multiple endings but there doesn’t appear to be a definitive conclusion to the game, regardless of what ending you choose. According to them, players will be met with a ‘to be continued’ sign at the end of the game, which is obviously a strong indication that Square-Enix are planning another sequel.

Here’s a portion of text from GameInformer’s article: ”After the credits, I sat in disbelief, wondering if I had done something wrong or somehow missed the true ending. I didn’t. Square Enix intentionally left the story incomplete. The announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-3 is inevitable.”

Now there is one particularly interesting outcome that could arise from this new cliffhanger. Last week we told you how Square-Enix were planning to add much more DLC to the game, some of which could even be story-based. Could we see a possibility that the main-storyline of the game is prolonged by purchasing DLC – surely Square-Enix wouldn’t do that to their fans right?

That will be a bold move if that does happen, but we predict that another game is a lot more likely. Will we see a Final Fantasy XIII-3 on current consoles though, or will Square-Enix save it for next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft? Give us your thoughts on FFXIII-2 being cut short and whether it affects your decision on purchasing the game or not.

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  • Mmmm

    FF XIII is different from previous FFs in the way that they don’t spent series of dialogs 3/4 way through the game to explain the whole world history and how it comes to be a chaos, so I can see that players looking for that “Oh I see, that’s why I’m the most important person born in that world in history” thing is going to be disappointed.

    FF12 and 13-1 are more like anecdotes of history – the players merely change some events in the turn of that world’s history. FF13-1 works like the first half of most Final Fantasy games: linear, tutorial-filled, and story mostly driven by coincidences and luck. FF13-2 works like the time Terra or Cloud or Tidus is missing in FF6 or 7 or 10. So it’s no surprise to me that if there’s indeed a FF13-3 to tie the whole myth in Fabula Nova Crystal series up – It might even solve some mysteries in FF Versus 13, since both stories are about Etro.